Remote Control Car Fan





Introduction: Remote Control Car Fan

In this instructable I will show you how to put a fan for a cpu in a cheap electric rc car to keep it cool oh and by the way this is my first instructable.
Materials:9 volt battery connector Remote control car Cpu fan 9 volt battery and hot glue gun or tape or both.

Step 1: Connecting the Fan

First connect the 9 volt connector to the fan wires I did this by just twisting the wires and taping them since I didnt have a soldering iron.Then find a place on the Remote control cars body close to the electric motor then hot glue it on the body.Make sure it dosent touch the body and it has to be high enough to get air on top of the fan

Step 2: Fan Wires and 9 Nine Volt Battery

Hot glue or tape the fan wires to the body to keep them out of the way oh its best to use hot glue. Then tape the 9 volt battery somewhere in an empty space. It is best to use tape so you can change out the battery with ease. thats it your all done and the supplies should only cost you 15$



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    This is a "ZipZap" Sold for 5 bucks at radio shack. This does not need ANY cooling, whatsoever.

    Its not a ZipZap.  Those are way, WAY, smaller.  This is an X-Mod.  Way better because you can tweak alot more parts on them.  I enjoyed these when I was younger.  You can change them to front, rear or AWD, add lights, different motors, gear ratios, batteries, frequency, tires, heat-sinks, shock spring and ride height...  They are infinitely adaptable, and very hackable.  But sometimes they can get warm, especially with parts off EBay or the mythical, 100km/h motor!  This is actually a very good Instructable.

    Not even an X-mod, This is a very cheap piece of crap rc that goes like 5 MPH. XD

    Yes, looking at the picture again, although it is about the size of an Xmod, the chassis looks like an Xmod, it has a different board and parts. I didn't look that close at it to begin with. My bad.

    dont xmods have their battery compartments on the sides of the chassis? or am i thinking of some other car?

    The 1st gens do, the Evo series has them on the bottom.

    i have found out the model of car used in this instructable, its the 2006 camaro concept from the "bigtime muscle" series from Jada toys, ive got one just like it.
    its most likely the 1:16 scale version, but it could be the 1:14 scale version too.

    LOL, np, Just wanted to point that out. XD

    Mine OVERHEATED so the fan is a good idea! 

    Also you can make a hovercraft...maybe not remoted. You will use only the plastic cover of the car, close all the hols, plug the fan and enjoy it!