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Introduction: Remote Control Knex Boat

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a few years ago i made a knex boat which wasn't remote control so now i made it remote control. hope you like it.

Step 1: Bow

the bow (instructions on picture).or just look at it.

Step 2: Mid & Back Section

mid & stern section

Step 3: Attatching Bow and Smoke Stack

attaching bow and smoke stack(you don't have to do the smoke stack

Step 4: Motor Assembaly

the motor part. this is a bit hard but not that much. i forgot to do the other motor just use the steering motor and do the rest the same. it might go slower than normal but that is ok.

Step 5: Attaching the Motor to the Boat

attaching the motor to the boat

Step 6: Steering System

the steering system

Step 7: Extras/opptional

extras and optional

Step 8: Covering

the covering(making floatable ) part



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     I am working on a mini knex submarine i got it to float but the paddles dont work well they move but it wont move the sub any tips? (i tried plastic wrap it comes off in the water)

    4 replies

    When it spins one way, the top is going forward and the bottom is going backwards. Problem?

    Paddles only propel the boat when they're less than half submerged in the water & become inefficient at high speeds. Propellers would be the way to go. You can fiddle with the angle of the blades according to the speed of rotation and torque to achieve optimum efficiency.

    i LOVE TNIS BOAT.......even if i modded it so that the bow became the stern, the bow(new bow)had a huge bit coming out of it, and agged useless sails-for looks, of course-also, i didnt have the bits to make it rc, and i dont understand the steering......then i broke this up. i have topics, i went from boats to guns to planes-and im stuck on planes....cant even make a glider/hangglider...:(

    2 replies

    i see. yeah plains are difficult. the steering was kinda last minute/went as i go. you could have made a different version of the steering so that it would make sense.

    i made a knex boat that actually floats and it uses a huge wheel thingy in the back to move it has motors but its not rc. i mad it si that it also has little submerged claws big enough to catch shells and stuff. its really cool but i dont know if i should post it.

    1 reply

    go ahead. i posted an instructables on how to make it RC. the claw seems really cool. see if you can make it so that you can actually harvest claims.

    GIR!!!!!!!! lol great show, great avatar...does this actually float? knex has atleast like 20 holes per snowflake, and real boaats float from compressed air in the hull, does this float??

    4 replies

    unit? i dont have 'units' in my school. We kind of go from this to that and back to this in classes...and you are the first person i have ever met that takes a boats and buoyancy class... i never learned about buoyancy except for a small 5 minute class discussion when we get off topic.