Picture of remote control knex boat
a few years ago i made a knex boat which wasn't remote control so now i made it remote control. hope you like it.

Step 1: Bow

Picture of bow
the bow (instructions on picture).or just look at it.
Shadowpom5 years ago
 I am working on a mini knex submarine i got it to float but the paddles dont work well they move but it wont move the sub any tips? (i tried plastic wrap it comes off in the water)
Try to offset the paddles. turn one of your paddles so that viewed from the side it looks like a plus symbol. +
When it spins one way, the top is going forward and the bottom is going backwards. Problem?
Sun Gear (author)  Shadowpom5 years ago
Paddles only propel the boat when they're less than half submerged in the water & become inefficient at high speeds. Propellers would be the way to go. You can fiddle with the angle of the blades according to the speed of rotation and torque to achieve optimum efficiency.
 thx but this is long gone
hedzup4565 years ago
i LOVE TNIS BOAT.......even if i modded it so that the bow became the stern, the bow(new bow)had a huge bit coming out of it, and agged useless sails-for looks, of course-also, i didnt have the bits to make it rc, and i dont understand the steering......then i broke this up. i have topics, i went from boats to guns to planes-and im stuck on planes....cant even make a glider/hangglider...:(
Sun Gear (author)  hedzup4564 years ago
i see. yeah plains are difficult. the steering was kinda last minute/went as i go. you could have made a different version of the steering so that it would make sense.
i have made the first propeller boat :~D
*i think its the first~~~
n1o25 years ago
i made a knex boat that actually floats and it uses a huge wheel thingy in the back to move it has motors but its not rc. i mad it si that it also has little submerged claws big enough to catch shells and stuff. its really cool but i dont know if i should post it.
Sun Gear (author)  n1o24 years ago
go ahead. i posted an instructables on how to make it RC. the claw seems really cool. see if you can make it so that you can actually harvest claims.
wouldn't it be easier to tape the whole thing, i mean tape IS waterproof.
so is tin-foil...
The Jamalam6 years ago
lol the pictures are so bad that i dub this the failboat! lol
Sun Gear (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
but it does work. so i guess it would be fail image boat.
kk lol its a flimigeboat!
arrow shot7 years ago
GIR!!!!!!!! lol great show, great avatar...does this actually float? knex has atleast like 20 holes per snowflake, and real boaats float from compressed air in the hull, does this float??
Um...didn't you take Boats and BOUYANCY unit in grade 3?
did you take a spelling test in school? its buoyancy, not bouyancy
unit? i dont have 'units' in my school. We kind of go from this to that and back to this in classes...and you are the first person i have ever met that takes a boats and buoyancy class... i never learned about buoyancy except for a small 5 minute class discussion when we get off topic.
The boat I had didn't have a compressed air hull, just 1/2 inch of fiberglass.
Sun Gear (author)  arrow shot7 years ago
also look at the last step
Sun Gear (author)  arrow shot7 years ago
wasn't sure if you knew this but boats float because its hull displaces more water than its own volume which would make it float
Sun Gear (author)  arrow shot7 years ago
thanks. yes it floats. i posted it as an instructable
fwjs286 years ago
w/e floats ur boat...lol
Bugman96 years ago
ti looks pretty hard to do.
Sun Gear (author)  Bugman96 years ago
its actually pretty easy its kind of hardto how make it on instructables
this is sweet! the rc function combined with the possibilities of knex is awesome, I was going to try something similar but the rc I had ran on NiCd batteries so no good...
arrow shot7 years ago
depends on the time frame you mean. some boats today use both .....dang! i always forget words on insturctables...uh...i think it starts with an s...presigures? nah...frag it its on the tip of my tougne...lol ive been sitting here for 5 minutes thinkin...lemee go get a dictionary....omg i feel so awkward...tiemf or dictionary.com...!!!wasn't an s, its method! yea, some boats use both methods says my nerdy 4rth grade QandA book
Sun Gear (author)  arrow shot7 years ago
i was board today and i was looking over some of my comments and eventually got to yours. and when i was reading this comment i just realized that the word you were looking for was strategies.
Sun Gear (author)  arrow shot7 years ago
huh cool i didn't know that (currently listening to queen)
JerryMopar7 years ago
I thought of an idea for improvement... You could have made a float by putting a bike innertube around the perimeter. Much more leak-proof than the foil!
Sun Gear (author)  JerryMopar7 years ago
and it has 2 layers of plastic the foil is just for looks
Sun Gear (author)  JerryMopar7 years ago
i could but i would have to buy one and the way i did it is much cheaper. but you could do that
Sun Gear (author) 7 years ago
i have modified the wheel design but its heavier but if you think i should post it on just tell me
knexguy7 years ago
Looks good, could do with better pictures though.
Sun Gear (author)  knexguy7 years ago
i only had my camera phone but its better than nothing
Ar, s'pose.
bedbugg27 years ago
dang, thats pretty smart
Sun Gear (author)  bedbugg27 years ago
thanks. the original plan for the remote control motor was to use it for a cabinet opener but it failed because the other door wouldn't open so i did this
s0lekill3r7 years ago
nice. i made a remote control knex car.