how to make a remote control knex motor. you can use this motor for an instructable i made. to view it click here
Why was zim only 1 season?! We need more Gir!
Personally, Id have had a switch so i could have it like a normal knex motor or a RC one. Cool job though<br /> <br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> <em>Is your name bob? Hi bob. Bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob. Annoying isn't it!</em>
I see that you also enjoy Gir.
"Immmmmmmmmmmmm running! I'm Running! I'm NAKED!" "I missed you cupcakes" "Are you making biscuits?Are you making biscuits?" and "I saw a squirl. It was going like this (squil noise and movements)" are my favorite Gir quotes. By the way, vernors you seem to know your stuuf, otta do this a little later
<em>NICE</em>I have to do that.<br/>
knex already made one. i have the set.
cool but hay thats what i used
no i mean a remote controled motor all made by knex. go to google and search for control-a-bot motor.
i know
I guess you should have posted an Instructable, it's good enough to be one. But nice job anyways.
i tried but some one told me to make it a slide show
Oh.... one of the Instructables staff, most likely.
guess so

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