It's not that I iron clothes, but that I need to be able to press seams when I sew. And I have a bad back, so there's no way I'm going to go and get an ironing board every time I sew a seam.

My sewing machine is in the balcony along with some cabinet pieces that belong to my landlord. Two of them piled up make a great ironing-board height, so I decided to give one of them a temporary ironing-board top.

I took on old mattress protector for batting, an old thick cotton sheet for covering and with the help of Velcro strips I put my temporary ironing-board top together - and I love the result (I keep petting it when I pass it. Ibetter stop that)! And it's totally removable (and washable. and does not jeopardize my deposit).

Here's how I made it.

Step 1: 1. Measure the Cabinet Top.

thanks for this tutorial, I am making a sewing room and having a nice iron station like this is much better than a plain old ironing board.<br>Beautiful job.<br>Thanks for sharing
you're very welcome!
This is just fabulous! Thank you! After many hardships i find myself without an ironing board.... you just gave me a reason to continue sewing! *Hugs*
I'm very glad to hear that!
My mother-in-law always used a folded tablecloth spread on the carpet; and sat or kneeled while ironing. we miss her. . .
Why didn't I think of that?! In my tiny house I barely have room for the sewing machine, so the ironing board stays in the laundry room outside. Of course I never iron anything and there are some things waiting to be sewn. Thanks for this wonderful idea!
I read years ago to put a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil under your ironing board cover to reflect heat back up and therefore make the ironing go a little quicker. This looks like a great idea for convenience. If i do this i have NO excuse to not get my sewing out.
you'd be surprised how easy it is to come up with new excuses (pile of things to sew aging in the background)...;-]
Smart thinking.&nbsp; I'm using a doubled-up towel on a rolling&nbsp; 3-meter high table instead of an ironing board right now (even though I&nbsp;have one!).&nbsp; I&nbsp;miss the huge pressing tables from working in costume shops.&nbsp; And the gravity-feed irons :)<br />
Three meters high?&nbsp; You must be GIGANTIC!&nbsp; :-)<br />
I am. Not a lot of people know this, but I'm actually 17 feet tall. Or I meant to write 3 feet, and then thought I should write it in metric, since the author used metric. And then I screwed it up. Stupid American Imperial system.
I, for one, welcome our 0.0257575758 furlong overlord.
<strong>Gee, mister, are you tall?</strong><br /> <br /> <small>with apologies to Tom &quot;T-Bone&quot;&nbsp;Stankis</small><br />
Are you at all concerned about the content of the batting inside the mattress pad?&nbsp; I'd be worried that I'd be melting something I couldn't see.<br />
Good point (I&nbsp;should have mentioned). The batting should be made of material that can take heat. <br /> <br /> The mattress protector I&nbsp;used is made of cotton (doesn't melt. takes heat fairly well).<br />
I added a note to the instructable. thanx for pointing it out!<br />

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