Introduction: Remove the Ratcheting on the Click Wheel of a Mouse

Have an old mouse lying around? Want to stop the even clicking of the mouse? How about taking out the ratcheting mechanism out.  I found that it is just a little spring to be removed and then lubricating the wheel.

Step 1: Materials

you will need just two simple parts to complete this.

a mouse

Step 2: Taking Apart the Mouse

first unscrew the mouse.  The case should pop apart fairly easily.

Step 3: De Ratcheting

now we will take out the spring.  this is pushing into bumps along the inside of the wheel and causing uniform clicks.

Step 4: Making It Spin

We will need to use graphite to make it spin freely. take your graphite and graphite on both sides of the axles. now spin it and add a little more. do this until it spins freely.

Step 5: Putting It Back Together

We now need to put the mouse back together.  click the wheel back into its hole, and put the cover back on


mightywombat (author)2011-01-25

I would love to do this and then add weights, perhaps steel or lead shot, so that when you spin your now click-free wheel it has some inertia and will carry on and spin on its own.

Ganoderma (author)2010-11-01

some mouses come with a special scroll wheel that can be switched between ratcheting and free spinning. I personally like the ratcheting.

thewizard42 (author)2010-11-01

I myself find the ratcheting to be a lifesaver

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