in this instructable i am going to do a quick an simple repair on my plastic dustpan it had some cracks and the handle broke of. going to the shop was probably the easiest way but nothing beats the price of free...

Step 1: Look at the Damage

this step is simple all you have to do is look what is broken and what you need to repair.

Step 2: Fix the Cracks

i used a lighter to melt the plastic back together , than i used some fine sandpaper to make it flat again

Step 3: Make a New Handle

this step is the most complicated one.

because i had thrown away the plastic handle peaces i had to remake it .

to do this i looked in my scrap bin and found a peace that would fit in .

than i drilled some holes in the plastic so it wouldn't split when i put the screws in.

than you put the screws in, if you heat the plastic a bid the screw will countersink itself

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