Step 4: Primer

Picture of primer

The next step was to apply a primer over the patch. 

I used a self etching, sandable primer, and followed the instructions on the can. I taped over the edges while I was working. Once I was done, I used a 600 grit sandpaper to soften the edge of the primer, and roughen the surrounding paint.

That's me sanding. Photo by my wonderful husband, who was not at all worried about his wife attempting auto body repair. ; )

Hand sanding takes a bit of extra time, but allowed me extra control. Here you can see that I made sure to get the primer up under the lip of the plastic. I also kept tape and newspaper over the lower (plastic) fender, as I didn't want to scratch that up while sanding the bottom edge of the metal fender.
halamka2 years ago
I cut pieces from a water heater and weld them on. The entire left side might fall off. I drill holes and break the piece out. The door hinge is the most difficult. I use brown paper for a pattern. I dumped oil on 3 cars that are not registered. I put oil on everything that has rust.
slawek73 years ago
I my country (Poland) the plates dosn't allow to track address unless you are police or have access to data base. But I see that in poland pople think that are in US and start doing the same as you. A few years ago it was unimaginable (I dont't know haw to say it)
KittyJ (author)  slawek73 years ago
You said it very well!
slawek73 years ago
Can You tell me why you allways hide plates of your car on pictures? Does your law tell to do so or what?
vicsar3 years ago
Tip: please hide your plate number... not safe to place that info on line nowadays. Awesome final results! I was impressed.