In this instructable I'll try to explain how I fix a zipper.
Take a look at the picture below what do you see, yes a broken zipper. The zipper isn't attached to the fabric anymore. This happens very often (at least to me). The thread from the zipper wheres off after a while, and the zipper detaches.
You might ask why I repair it myself? Well the answer is simple, it's cheap and fast.
It's cheap because you don't need someone else to fix it for you.
It's fast because you don't need to wait weeks before your zipper is repaired. 

Step 1: What You Will Need

You won't need much.
What you'll need:
- needle (it needs to be thin enough to fit through the zippers' teeth)
- thread (doesn't need to some sort of super strong thread)
- small scissor
- the blue thing in the picture (you don't really need it)
Good and helpful idea. Thanks.
Ahh... so those boots, packs and other things I have sat in a pile with separated zippers <em>can</em> be saved.&nbsp; Many thanks for this helpful instructable.&nbsp; I didn't realise the coils were sewn on like that.&nbsp;&nbsp;My only criticism is the sewing instructions are not&nbsp;terribly clear.&nbsp; I think I have the&nbsp;sequence though: one&nbsp;'loop' to start, then under-over&nbsp;until the end where you finish with another 'loop'.&nbsp;
the blue thing is a Seam ripper

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