Picture of repairing behind Bonehead
Meet Bonehead, Bonehead is a 4yo american staff with a mix of billy goat, we give him bones, kongs, ropes and other chew toys but his FAVORITE is electric plugs! Seriously if theres an unplugged cord he'll find it and chew it

Step 1: My poor saw

Picture of My poor saw
Not thinking I left my tool box in an accesible part of the back porch and Bonehead having found it, chewed the plug off my jigsaw and a drill. Of course I didn't realize it until I needed the jigsaw !
diggerevans4 years ago
Your dog is beautiful, my silly dog once ate an asthma inhaler!
l8nite (author)  diggerevans4 years ago
thank you, he's really sweet to, he just does bonehead stuff like getting so fixed on catching a helicopter flying over that he runs headon into the stockade fence, even funnier is when he starts chasing the other dog around the pool, she'll come inside and he's still running around the pool barking
HarveyH444 years ago
They usually stop chewing electrical cords, when they find one plugged in... :) Mine have usually made this discovery in the first two years. Extension cords are any easy fix, car battery chargers are a little more challenging... The hose on my air compressor wasn't funny either. Jake runs and hides when I'm using air tools now.
l8nite (author)  HarveyH444 years ago
Thank you for commenting. Thankfully Bonehead has outgrown MOST of his chewing (hot water drain knob, window sills, chair legs, plastic buckets, pool ladder) of course an application of habanero infused olive oil helped a lot but he seems to have a real taste for electrical plugs and he's not stupid, he only choses the unplugged ones.