brooks bicycle saddle

Step 1:

the first will make a negative mold.then wet the leather with water for at least 1 hour.4-5 millimeters.placed with nails or staples.warn you that this will be a great fight¡¡¡¡

Step 2:

let dry.cut

Step 3:

Ink color is desired and is riveted.I finally I made ​​holes in order to weaken the prostate area
Wow te quedo excelente, felicidades, saludos desde México.
<p>You were one of my inspirations to transform an old mattress saddle to a &quot;brooks like&quot; one !<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Reupholster-mattress-bicycle-saddle-to-full-leathe/</p>
thanks, makes me happy
Thanks for sharing
This seems like a great Instructable, do you think you could write a bit more about your construction process? <br /> <br />Thanks <br />Audrey <br />Community Manager <br />Instructables.com

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