Picture of replace the tail light on a 1980 honda cb 650
my bike from the back old.JPG
mine and mikes bige frome the side.JPG
I bought a 1980 Honda CB650c off craigslist for 400 USD and needles to say it needed some work.  After cleaning the carbs, replacing the spark plugs and the air filter and adding saddle bags i need a new tail light.  with the saddle bags on i needed to get rid of the built in turn signals and my tail light was cracked.
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Step 1: Gather the parts

In the search for a new tail light i ended up at rays recking yard in my town.  i found an old kawasaki with a tail light that would fit my bike.  then i had to grab my tools.

ratchet with metric sockets
screw driver
wire stripper/crimper
wrench set
wire probe (i didn't use on but they are nice)
crimp on wire ends

Step 2: Remove the lamp

Picture of remove the lamp
puting on my my new light.JPG
my bike without tail light.JPG
To take off the tail light you have to take off the lamp by taking off the bolts that hold it on.  Once the lamp is off there are some bolts that hold on the bracket.  When i got the light off there were four gaskets to take off so that i could fit the new bracket on.

Step 3: Wire it up

Picture of wire it up
blinker ground.JPG
Bolt on the new bracket and test to find out what wire is what with the turn signals on the back side of the finder.  Hook the ground, tail and break to the new lamp and bolt it on.  Now with your crimp on ends put one to match the plugs from the bike and one to fit over a bolt.  Take the end with the plug and hook in in to the wiring on your bike and ground the light by bolting it to the frame.

Step 4: Get out and ride

Now that you have your new lights on put your plate on and go for a ride.