Introduction: Replacing Front Axle Bearings on 1920-23 Model T

Picture of Replacing Front Axle Bearings on 1920-23 Model T

this instructable will show you how to clean front axle bearings on a model T

Step 1: Take Off Hubcap

Picture of Take Off Hubcap

screw off hubcap

Step 2: Take Wheel Off

Picture of Take Wheel Off

take out cotter pin and screw off castellated nut with washer. screw off the piece that keeps the bearings in. take wheel off with bearings still in place.

Step 3: Take Bearings Out

Picture of Take Bearings Out

take all 11 bearings out. wipe grease out of the rim and with a dremel and wire brush try to take out dents in the wheel. after doing so clean bearings with a paper towel

Step 4: Wipe Off Axle

Picture of Wipe Off Axle

clean all grease off axle. put new axle grease back on axle.

Step 5: Replace Wheel

Picture of Replace Wheel

put wheel back on axle and re-grease bearings and wheel then put bearings back in the wheel.

Step 6: Put Everything Back Together

Picture of Put Everything Back Together

put the piece that holds bearings in, washer, castellated nut, cotter pin and hub cap back on .


nathanwide (author)2015-08-16

That's pretty cool, I hope that's going to help someone someday

ljm911 (author)nathanwide2015-08-16

yea. I hope that people stop chopping these cars and return them to what they were meant to be. if not there will be none left

EcoExpatMike (author)2015-08-13


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