if your as big of a old school video game freak you might have an old arcade marquee. this will show you how to do something besides have it setting around dust!!! also found this on the web any one who has time check this out and find my love for this game :


Step 1: Gather the Stuff

my "wooden box" was made from nothing but junk and scrap wood. I used a florescent bulb holder, scrap mdf and an old marquee oh yeah and if desired spray paint!!
Great idea, especially for marquee's from rare games which can be gotten for next to nothing off Ebay! You may want to try rigging it up with LEDs instead, in the long run might save you some $ on electricity.
What is the most slim you can make the housing box without worrying about a fire hazard?
oh, idk but you want enough room for light to disperse into the marquee for a nice decent light coverage
Love it! I need a bit more info, please. How deep is the box and what was the wattage of the light? I'm a novice, so any advice is appreciated.
it really all depends on th size of the marquee. some are bigger than others. and idk the wattage it is what ever bulb i could get,
Great way to salvage old arcade marquee. Your Project came out great, and it looks like it can be easily adapted to building a arcade cabinet. My only criticism is the use of hot glue to fasten the light holder to the wood, since the light makes some heat. I would of used a 2 part epoxy like JB weld instead.
cool idea, my kids would love that in their rooms
I like your id icon :)
I don't have a stortrooper costume, but i DO have an R2D2.
what did you build that out of*? and is there any other use for it besides looking cool? *maybe you should make a instructable....... maybe?
it's body is sonotube, a paper tube to mold concrete piers. dome is 18&quot; <br/>squirrel cover for bird feeder. 2 saturn windshield wiper motors for feet drive.<br/> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.astromech.net/">http://www.astromech.net/</a><br/>:: Welcome to the ALL NEW Astromech.net ::<br/><br/>here is a good plact to see more of 'em<br/>
Now some one came out with a dove tail jig which might put it together easily.
not sure if you meant to spell the title like that on purpose, but its spelled "resurrect"

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