Resurrect an Old Arcade Marquee Part2


Introduction: Resurrect an Old Arcade Marquee Part2

if you looked at my other tutorial you will see it already has 7 or so steps so i figured that I should continue this project to another instructable. the below picture isn't the best but read on.

Step 1: Alternative Lighting

if you need info on how to build the "wooden box" read up on my other post. when me and my father were at lowes I picked up a halogen spot light, it was $4 and looked cool so we got it (he also needed to spend $50 to receive full benefit on one of his coupons) so as soon as we got home I unpackaged it and setup the plug, and turned it on the bulb is only 20w so I was skeptical about using it on this project but after I turned the lights off it looked a lot better (duh) so i figured it beats a $10 florescent light setup

Step 2: Wiring

I drilled a hole in the back piece so that the wire could travel to the outlet. (as pictured below) then using the directions that came along with the light I put the plug on the end of the the wire. after the wiring is done fire up your trusty hot glue gun. take a full glue stick and generously apply the glue to the back of the light fixture, and place the light in the middle of the back piece until the glue hardens / cools

Step 3: Firing It Up

now place the marquee i the slots and put the top on. kill the lights and now marvel at your newly built project. after awhile I loved the look of the new light it is yellower than than the florescent bulb and gives the marquee a "vintage look" considering that Twin Cobra is older than X-men children of the atom. the second picture is the top with 2 holes in the top to let the warm air leak out!



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    Great idea! I've got a few of them laying around doing nothing and I'm trying to put together a basement arcade, I think that's what I'll do with them.

    As I stated in your other Instructable, you should use something other than hot glue to secure a light, especially if your worried about heat.

    Just one little light was enough to back lit the entire board?

    1 reply

    as you can see in the end result picture there is HUGE difference between the middle and the ends but yes in the end picture that is only one bulb / light