Have you ever wanted to watch something in the old "blue n' red" 3d, but found that those cardboard glasses just weren't good enough?
If you've gone to one of those "realD" movies you know that at the end you are left with a pair of glasses you paid 2 bucks for but you can't do anything with anymore. So why not put them to use?
In this 'ible I'm going to instruct you on how to turn a pair of "realD" glasses into an old-school pair of "blue n' red" ones.

Now for the boring bit. I am, under no circumstances, responsible for what you do as a result of reading/following the instructions in this 'ible. Don't hurt yoursef, others, the family pet, trees, the environment, or anything else i forgot to mention while following these instructions. these glasses are not to be used as sunglasses (they won't protect your eyes), also don't wear them for a long time (or your eyes will see in shades of blue and red even after you take them off; and im pretty sure that that is not good for them).

But enough of that, lets start making stuff! :D

Step 1: Things That You Will Need

-a pair of "realD" 3D glasses (the ones you get from 3D movies)
- a pair of red and cyan glasses or the same colors of cellophane (it must be rigid like plastic packaging, not like a plastic bag).
-scissors (any kind work. I used safety scissors, but use what you like)
-a marker that works on plastic
-glue (i used crayola project glue, but hot-glue or rubber-cement will also work.)
this is very cool! :D I'm gona make a pair with the polarized film still in. :P
it is quite easy

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