Retro Lens Given a Vintage Makover





Introduction: Retro Lens Given a Vintage Makover

it had been left in the workshop with no caps for several years during wielding and spraying, needless to say it was bit of a mess, nothing moved and the rear element had a layer of pearlesent gold overspray on it.
after a day of wiggling with petrol and cotton swabing the iris to get the gunk out, then breaking the iris oops , didnt fancy my chances for puting it back together, reluctently i trie not taking much care and it worked. whilst taking the front of the lens apart i put some gouges in the metal, so to hide this i took the paint off, and i saw that the shineyness was good so i thought why not take it all off. i initally used a dremel with wire brush , wetand dry paper then metal polish with a pad.
i have not used any varnish, interested to see how it tarnishes.



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    This looks really good.

    Looks awesome. I just can't imagine doing this to my Nikkor and Tamron lenses ;-)

    cheers, but if im honest the pictures look better than the actual item.
    would have done a better job if i expected it to actually work,
    apart from a couple of specs behind the front element (easy access) it works fine.