Step 2: Winding the flyback

Picture of winding the flyback
Grab your flyback and some of that mag wire and pliers and have a seat

Bend the tip of the wire a little bit and wrap the wire around the ferrite core (see the pics for help) 5 times for the feedback and 15-20 times for the primary and burn the tips with a torch or a lighter to burn off some of the insulation on the wire so your wires can get a good connection also dab some salder on the wire if the salder sticks you have a connection (see the pics)

if you want to use higher amps use thicker copper wire you only need 5 turn primary and 10 turn secondary

techno guy4 years ago
I tried winding a flyback like you said but the core is too close to this box thing on the flyback and I cant wind it so maybe you can tell me how to make it easier.
you could just get thinner wire, or you may have to find a different flyback if the core is to close to the "box thing" (i wonder what the box thing is called
burrejus0005 years ago
one thing is you don't need any blow torch or fire to strip a wire, thats what wire strippers are for, and solder is not spelled salder.
you can use a lighter to strip enameled wire, its probably the most efficient but otherwise your right i would use strippers or a dike to pull of the insulation on standard wire
knoxarama5 years ago
does this look right?
codex6536 years ago
why you using 300 amps??!?!?!?!