Reuse Old, Too Small, Slivers of Soap





Introduction: Reuse Old, Too Small, Slivers of Soap

This is an instructable about how to reuse the little slivers of soap that are to small to hold or use anymore.

Step 1: Materials

- Multiple small leftover pieces of soap
- Panty hose
- small rope or string
- scissors

Step 2: Assembly

1) On one of the legs cut the panty hose about 8 inches above the foot of the leg.
2) Insert the pieces of soap into the piece of panty hose.
3) Tie the rope or string around the open top of the panty hose ( you can make a loop in the string for hanging on a hook in the shower or for convenience while camping).



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    Great idea. My method is to swap the sliver with the hand sink bar when my wife isn't looking.


    I just press the slivers into the new, bigger piece of soap. After a few days they are impossible to get off and you have a slightly bigger piece.

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    I've actually tried that before also, but they usually fall of. Maybe it's because of the kind of soap that I get.


    hmm. i just press it on hard and smooth the edges down, kind of join it so that you cant see the edges anymore and it wont fall off. I also get the new sope wet first as well so that it will stick

    The old soap has to be kinda thin for the melding to work. Both soaps need to be wet (right after shower use is good). Make cross hatches in both soaps with finger nail (like what pottery folks do to connect two clay pieces). Smush together. It's important to let dry ~24 hours. If the melding fails, might need to wear down old soap more so it's thinner or let combo soap dry longer.

    I hear you on that. Modern greenie people got nothing on depression-era folks when it comes to waste-not-want-not efficiency.

    Haha, I don't think so. And yeah it is really efficient. :)

    We always had an old shampoo bottle mom would put the small slivers into with a little water,a couple of shakes and..... VIOLA, hand soap

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    That sounds like a really great idea also. :)

    Good one. I've also used pantyhose as a tea strainer. I've heard it can be used as an emergency fan belt, too. I hope someone does an Instructable on all of the uses.

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    This is one of many on this site all ready
    but no soap sliver holders yet! :)

    ha, I wonder if the author took the time to think of all those uses. I would have never thought of a lot of those.

    wow I never knew that there were so many uses for pantyhose. Yeah and maybe even have a whole contest for uses of pantyhose. lol

    Thanks :) I like to do this when my family goes car camping cause it's really handy to have soap on a string and makes good use of those small pieces of soap that we would otherwise throw away.