Picture of reusing materials for a better world.
Reusing material to make an rc boat greener and cooler.
I reused an old rc boat that doesn't work because of the motor. I took a motor from an old rc car, and all the wires. I took 2 9v batteries that my mom was throwing away. And I took a led from the rc car controller. I used a drinking straw. And I used 2 red LEDs that do not work. 6AA batteries that don't work and finally I got a solar panel that recharges 9v and AA batteries.
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Step 1: Materials

OLD rc boat electrical tape hinge
OLD rc car spray paint 2 led strips of 24
OLD 9v batteries masking type cordless drill
Solar panel 2 OLD clocks green led
Wire from rc car OLD drinking straw plexi-glass
LEDs from rc car controller OLD 2 red LEDs that don't work
hot glue drill
hot glue gun drill press
solder scroll saw
soldering iron screw

I made this project mostly from reused material. So that I can help go green for 2009.

Step 2: Motor

Picture of motor
reuse motor.JPG
Take the bad motor out of the boat. then take the good motor out of the car. Put the good motor into the boat. When the car is apart take all of the wires out.

Step 3: Drilling

Picture of drilling
front led.JPG
Take the drill and drill a small hole into the top part of the boat at the back, so you can use the scroll saw to cut part of it out for the battery housing.

drill 2 small holes in the front of the boat for the red and green LEDs.

drill 2 small holes inside the boat in the back, so that the wires from the led strips can come through.

Step 4: Front leds

Picture of front leds
front led.JPG
rc boat.JPG
Take the rc car controller and take it apart. Take out the red led, you will be using it for the front of the boat.

Put the green led into the hole and the red one. Green on the right side of the driver and red on the other side.(to make it look more like a real boat). Use hot glue to hole the LEDs in place.


Uma boa idéia de aproveitamento de peças de brinquedos e um grande inventor,mas as fotos estão quase todas fora de foco,você poderia reverter esta situação.
Bom trabalho.
A good idea to use parts of toys and a great inventor, but the photos are almost all out of focus, you could reverse this situation.
Good job,really cool.

bylerfamily6 years ago