Reverse Graffiti Experiment





Introduction: Reverse Graffiti Experiment

This is an image of a stencil I made after reading the reverse-graffiti bleach instructable, thought I'd take it a step further than the tagging by making a large-scale image. Bleach did not fully develop image, but it has a ghost-like apparition quality to it dat I quite like. Hope u guys like, let me know what ya think.



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    Another ideas about graffiti and graffiti removal you can find at

    nice work, its great to see people expanding out. now, a lil tip if ur doing this on concrete, tiles, brick use pool acid (hydrochloric acid) my spelling is**

    you can use it in a spray bottle. but do it outdoors. acid = bad. however it is a great medium and tho outcome is well worth it.

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    Bleach (aka Chlorine) is essentially the same thing as hydrochloric acid, just at a much weaker concentration.

    Muriatic acid is also very similar and is often used for cleaning concrete. It's much more easily obtainable and safer to use than hydrochloric acid. Safety glasses and gloves are to be recommended when using anything stronger than bleach.

    Bleach IS NOT the same thing as Hydrochloric acid. Household Bleach is generally a dilute solution of Sodium Hypochlorite with various additives such as fragrance and such added to it. Common "Muriatic acid" IS diluted Hydrochloric acid.

    dude, that is tight! i never thought of doing a stencil! I might have to try this soon! :-) good idea. it's great when people take something and improve on it :) i'll hopefully get to do this, and post pictures for ya to see!

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    cheers!! much appreciated. it's so much fun watching the image develop, it's like watching a polaroid to become visible, gotta luv the anticipation! I applied the bleach with a spray bottle then used a rag to wipe away the dirt and repeated this several times. was thinking you could possibly use the discharge-paste that one of the guys mentioned in a t-shirt bleaching instructable to help combat any possible bleeding. but yea, definitely bust-out a stencil, would luv to se what you do with yours. happy stenciling!