Ribbon Rose


Introduction: Ribbon Rose

About: Just a girl,named jalynn, that loves gymnastics, dance, photography, crocheting,and minecraft

Step 1: Materials

a ribboin that is a foot or longer

Step 2: Start

fold the ribbon so both sides are even

Step 3: Start

put finger in the ribbon

Step 4: Lapping

lap the ribbon over one side

Step 5: Still Lapping

do the same to the orher side but in opposite direction

Step 6: Almost

this us wat it should look like

Step 7: Almost

grab the end and pul it out PULL BOTH SIDES

Step 8: Rose

take one end and fold it over

Step 9: Hold Down

hold down

Step 10: Push

push up

Step 11: Done

done theres a pretty rose for you if u have any quextions comment me



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    What do u use it for ????

    This is a great idea