its a gun but its a cross between a sniper rifle and a normal rifle its quite powefull with the right elastic bands can go through polestireine this is my first gun so dont be harsh.

Step 1: Barrel

make the barrel just follow the pictures make it in two parts its easier.

actually if you took the time to actually make this gun you'd find out its quite powerful don't be such a dumbass and actually try making something before commenting
what happened to the "be nice" policy
I was saying the frame is weak!
even the frame is surprisingly strong unless your using really old knex then it kinda crap
trust me, not to be a jackass, but the frame is actually very weak compared to how sturdy the more complex guns are, but good gun for your first gun, my first gun was a piece of crap
ya, but sniper rifles have magazines
not necesarely (i cant spell), some snipers you have to load the bullets manuly(cant spell...) and others are only single fire.
like breech loaders
Polestireine- lol! Well, looks like it would break in half if you picked it up, and what is the difference in this gun between a rifle and a sniper rifle?
believe me its stronger than it looks and this is different from a sniper because it doesn't have a long barrel like a sniper and it has no magazine
Then how does it turn into a sniper? Unless you are making a kit with an extended barrel?
Polestireine? Polyester? Polystyrene? There is a spell checker.

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