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Introduction: Roasted Edamame

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Roasting edamame is my new favorite thing! When you roast the edamame, you get an entirely different flavor - much different than steaming and boiling.

The roasted edamame turns out a little firmer in texture and ends up with a smoky flavor that I really really love. You can also impart more flavor this way and add all kinds of spices to the mix. Spiced roasted edamame is a really great compliment to a steak or chicken main. :D

Step 1: Ingredients

  • 16 oz edamame in pods, thawed from frozen or fresh.
  • salt & seasonings of choice
  • olive oil

You'll also need an oven preheated to 425 F.

I just use salt and pepper to season, but paprika, lemon, and chili are all great options too. :D

Step 2: Prep

Dry the edamame with paper towels and put it on a large baking sheet. Toss with a little olive oil and some salt along with whatever else you'd like.

You'll want to use a couple pinches of salt - more than you'd think! Since we won't be eating the pods the extra salt won't hurt. :)

Step 3: Roast!

Roast the edamame pods for 15-20 minutes, or until the pods begin to brown quite a bit and the edamame are soft inside.

Let them cool for a couple minutes then enjoy. :D



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    these are really good. glad someone brought it to instructables.
    their also really good with crushed and dried peppers our jalapeños if you like spice

    1 reply

    Ohhh, I'll have to try that next time!

    Yum-meee! What a good idea. Think I'll make them for supper tonight.

    OH YUM! I need to do this... wonder if I have any edamame in the freezer....

    That sound delicious and I may have to do that like right now... Thanks for sharing!

    Looks great! Can't wait to try it.