Roasted turkey thighs are a fantastic alternative to cooking a whole bird because the meat dries out a lot less quickly than turkey breasts. They're perfect for a Thanksgiving for two or even for a small group.

I keep my roasted turkey thighs simple - only sage, butter, salt & pepper. You can really go all out, though!

Two turkey thighs can normally overstuff two folks, or feed four people well if there are lots of sides. :D

Step 1: Ingredients:

  • turkey thighs
  • salted butter - 2-3 tablespoons
  • fresh sage
  • salt & pepper

You'll also want a probe thermometer and a lipped baking sheet - I'm using a 13x9 size. Don't use a deep cake pan - the thighs won't crisp up as nicely.

We'll be roasting the thighs at 350 F.
<p>Disappointing. This needs way more seasoning than salt and pepper!</p><p>1. With a bowl add butter or olive oil (extra virgin is the best), then add salt, pepper, 1 chicken cube, garlic, onion and oregano. Now mix them together until you get a uniform solution; you can do this if you put it into the microwave for everything to melt together.</p><p>2. Put about 3 slits into the turkey thigh of the side with the skin on. And while the seasoning mixture is still pretty warm pour it over the Turkey thigh making sure you get a lot of the chopped garlic and onions into the slits. Don't forget to add the mixture to the Bottom. </p><p>3. The last part is easy but also important. Take a sprig of Rosemary, pull the needles off and sprinkle it all over the turkey thigh. WRAP the TURKEY LEG in FOIL.</p><p>4. Bake at 180 degrees (sorry I'm British) for 2 hours. </p><p>5. At 1 hr 40 mins unwrap the turkey from the foil to brown and become crispy. </p><p>The point here is to infuse the turkey with many flavours, and obtain that gorgous crispy skin, it also cuts that meaty fat rank smell. </p><p>Voila !!!!!</p>
<p>I have copied this and MUST try this out!.... who ever said the Brits have bad food was nuts!!....</p>
<p>(and I'm a &quot;180 deg. cooker&quot; also!! the best way for alot of things!!....)</p>
<p>Karen was referring to Celsius. 180 is about 350 fahrenheit.</p>
<p>on my gaaaaaaaw! i totally never thought of that!! i do my oxtails at 180 deg in my slow cooker.... 12 hours, from frozen, with &quot;my&quot; spices, etc. (!!!) celsius, of course, different!!.... gaaaaaaaw!!!! I'm so embarrassed!.....</p>
<p>&quot;Don't use a deep cake pan - the thighs won't crisp up as nicely.&quot;</p><p>amazing! I never knew this and will have to try this out!... I can't wait to see if this works!.... i do everything like this in my big turkey roaster... I also pour in stock and cover it for awhile to try to moisten it.... then cook uncovered.... I just guess at the times, but 400 deg. then check it once in awhile....</p>
Why does the beginning say &quot;we will be roasting the thighs at 350 degrees&quot;. Then later contradict instructing you to put in a 400 degree oven? Confusing
<p>My bad! It's been edited. It should be 350 F. :)</p>
I was wondering the same thing!
Made it 5 times now. Fantastic.
<p>This turkey was fantastic! I used unsalted butter and spread a little of it on the outside of the skin, as well and then was pretty generous with the salt and pepper. I used a 350 degree oven and it took 35 minutes to cook two thighs and then I rested for 10 minutes. I made a gravy from the pan juices adding a little water mixed with cornstarch and then added a splash of chicken broth and s &amp; p to taste. The skin was crispy (without having to broil) and the meat was really flavourful and juicy. I'll definitely make this again with turkey and will also try with bone-in chicken breasts and see how that works. Highly recommend this recipe!</p>
<p>Have made it 3 times. Spectacular flavors. 400 degree oven. Best thigh recipe ever. Added garlic powder once, was good but recipe as written is a 10.</p><p>Thanks, jessyratfink. Recipe is truly a 10.</p>
<p>Thanks for this great recipe, I bought a turkey leg yesterday and now I know how I'm going to cook it! ^_^</p>
<p>Made it. It was good. I think I didn't add enough seasoning. I didn't have sage leaves so I used sage out of a bottle, but it was very moist and tasty. Good idea about crisping up the skin under the broiler. I probably would add some pepper under the skin next time, maybe a little bit of red pepper as well. Perhaps some a bit of lemon juice couldn't hurt. It was good, just not strong enough flavor as I like. (I probably over season everything for some people.)</p>
<p>Made this, and it came out great. Added some potatoes, carrots, onions, and fennel. Dee-lish.</p>
I have a turkey thigh in the freezer and some sage in the garden - going to give this a go
I have a turkey thigh in the freezer and some sage in the garden - going to give this a go

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