Roasted turkey thighs

Picture of roasted turkey thighs
Roasted turkey thighs are a fantastic alternative to cooking a whole bird because the meat dries out a lot less quickly than turkey breasts. They're perfect for a Thanksgiving for two or even for a small group.

I keep my roasted turkey thighs simple - only sage, butter, salt & pepper. You can really go all out, though!

Two turkey thighs can normally overstuff two folks, or feed four people well if there are lots of sides. :D
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Step 1: Ingredients:

Picture of Ingredients:
  • turkey thighs
  • salted butter - 2-3 tablespoons
  • fresh sage
  • salt & pepper

You'll also want a probe thermometer and a lipped baking sheet - I'm using a 13x9 size. Don't use a deep cake pan - the thighs won't crisp up as nicely.

We'll be roasting the thighs at 350 F.

Step 2: Seasoning and stuffing

Picture of Seasoning and stuffing
Liberally season the turkey thighs with salt & pepper and rub it all over.

Now, we're going to find a way under the skin. Feel with your fingers around the cut edges of the thighs until you come to an area where you can work your fingers under the skin. Continue to push your hand under the skin, separating it from the muscle underneath. This will create a little pocket!

Add 2-3 leaves of sage and a tablespoon or so or butter under the skin and then press it back into place.
Duckser1 month ago

Have made it 3 times. Spectacular flavors. 400 degree oven. Best thigh recipe ever. Added garlic powder once, was good but recipe as written is a 10.

Thanks, jessyratfink. Recipe is truly a 10.

anatroccolo3 months ago

Thanks for this great recipe, I bought a turkey leg yesterday and now I know how I'm going to cook it! ^_^

Suki11814 months ago
Why does the beginning say "we will be roasting the thighs at 350 degrees". Then later contradict instructing you to put in a 400 degree oven? Confusing
tnorm58284 months ago

Made it. It was good. I think I didn't add enough seasoning. I didn't have sage leaves so I used sage out of a bottle, but it was very moist and tasty. Good idea about crisping up the skin under the broiler. I probably would add some pepper under the skin next time, maybe a little bit of red pepper as well. Perhaps some a bit of lemon juice couldn't hurt. It was good, just not strong enough flavor as I like. (I probably over season everything for some people.)

supereric made it!1 year ago

Made this, and it came out great. Added some potatoes, carrots, onions, and fennel. Dee-lish.

trgz1 year ago
I have a turkey thigh in the freezer and some sage in the garden - going to give this a go
trgz1 year ago
I have a turkey thigh in the freezer and some sage in the garden - going to give this a go