I am now working on a project of a small robot - a tank with a hand manipulator.

Chassis - Chinese toy tank hand - 5 servo MG996R Driver chassis - Shield L298N Dual H Bridge DC. for servo motors.

From China im waiting parts: Shield 32 Channel Servo Control Board and Raspberry Pi Model B for robot control the first tests on the Arduino Uno, but very few contacts. Only 6 servo or tank chassis and 4 servos. since 6 PWM outputs

code for arduino for control 5 servo from serial port.

thanks using our tank chassis!
<p>can you please send me the pdf file of it. I am unable to download it.</p><p>Here's my mail : alokom78@gmail.com</p>
<p>This looks pretty cool so far!</p><p>Will you be adding some more information on how you built it? That would be great to see some of the details that went into this :)</p>
<p>Yes of course, I will add more information about this project, and add a lot of other projects https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvfSnhllOCegVIDSh7DPN8А</p><p>I am the first day on this site))))</p>
<p>Well then, welcome aboard! :)</p><p>Can't wait to see more of what you make. This is a great community, I think you'll really enjoy sharing your projects here. Cheers!</p>

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