Robot Tank With Arm


Introduction: Robot Tank With Arm

I am now working on a project of a small robot - a tank with a hand manipulator.

Chassis - Chinese toy tank hand - 5 servo MG996R Driver chassis - Shield L298N Dual H Bridge DC. for servo motors.

From China im waiting parts: Shield 32 Channel Servo Control Board and Raspberry Pi Model B for robot control the first tests on the Arduino Uno, but very few contacts. Only 6 servo or tank chassis and 4 servos. since 6 PWM outputs

code for arduino for control 5 servo from serial port.



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    thanks using our tank chassis!

    can you please send me the pdf file of it. I am unable to download it.

    Here's my mail :

    This looks pretty cool so far!

    Will you be adding some more information on how you built it? That would be great to see some of the details that went into this :)

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    Yes of course, I will add more information about this project, and add a lot of other projectsА

    I am the first day on this site))))

    Well then, welcome aboard! :)

    Can't wait to see more of what you make. This is a great community, I think you'll really enjoy sharing your projects here. Cheers!