Picture of knex rock crawler
my second instructable and it is pretty inderstructable full suspension 

Step 1: Another view

Picture of another view
GTRPLR19954 years ago
You really should ask the original owner of the instructable (Knexwiz) and the person who made the instructable for it (ME) if you can post this.
Flatout Knex (author)  GTRPLR19954 years ago
sorry sir lol
Knexwiz4 years ago
heyy, theres my chassis design, good to see that people like it, how is it working out for you man?
Flatout Knex (author)  Knexwiz4 years ago
pretty cool ehh

pics this to this to this lol
bitch'n bel air 001.JPGmonster truck 001.JPGidj 002.JPG
Flatout Knex (author) 4 years ago
you dont half to open it and look
~KGB~4 years ago
looks ok.