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Introduction: Rocket Station

About: Hi, my name is Balint (pronounced Bar - lint) Please visit free rider 2 on trackmill, and look at my tracks. Go on search tracks, and type in balint on search user. REAT TENN ORR EYE WIL HAF TO KIL U

very simple instructable



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    I think he has had a good go, the second slide does look like a rpg and if he can create a launcher for it he could make an awesome weapon

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    Two kinds of people... :D

    congrats you're my very first commenter!

    I took it apart two years ago and tried to put it together and I couldn't put it back together :/

    It seems as if you are supposed to build it like in the pictures, then pretend it is a rocket launcher, even though it is clearly a rocket STATION, albeit a simple one.

    I had the word rocket station in my head but then I forgot

    I understand you are new to the site, but please try to post a more elaborite K'nex creation. I recomend trying to design a K'nex Gun. Everyone loves those. :D

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    Nothing wrong with building somthing that is not a gun, we need a wider variety. This is far to simple though

    do it go boom, woosh, or nothing (circkets chirping)

    Me likey Not really