I'm making this for my grandson for Christmas. I had seen one for sale on line this one looks pretty close.It is made from 1 2x18 -8 foot long paint and a few wood screws                 

I used a bandsaw and other dangerous power tools be careful
I have a dust collector in my shop with or without still wear a dust mask
all ways wear eye protection

             With the one 2x12 and paint I built two of them for less than $30.00
 My grandchildren loved them                                                                                                                          

Step 1:

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kurnous341 year ago
wow nice idea! always wanted to make a rocking horse for future child but found most rocking horses to be to old and a little on the creepy side. perfect modern solution with a bit of a retro look. love it!
Is there any templates for the parts or just hand drawn?
rickysp8 (author)  Agregory4131 year ago
Yes this is a link to a PDF hope this helps
thanks! cant wait to build!
Looking to make one here in the Philippines.

What size wood did you use? 2x18 or 2x12?

I will probably have to use 3/4" marine plywood to make most of mine as good dimensional lumber is hard to get.
rickysp8 (author)  EcoExpatMike1 year ago

I used a 10' long 2x12 and made 2 of them out of it
I think I sent the link for the PDF right
Peace Ricky
aceammar1 year ago
thats cool
roballoba1 year ago
I may have to make one too some day. Only mine will look like the Cushman 53a scooter I'm restoring. Great work!
Wow, that looks amazing! If only I was as handy as you are and had access to all that wood and tools. It's just so well done I think I'm being forced to favorite this. :P (This really deserves to be featured. C'mon, moderators, find this!)
rickysp8 (author)  DarkOwlProductions1 year ago
Thank a lot I really appreciate that it was a lot of fun to build
You're welcome. My prediction was right; you got featured! Congratulations, dude; this is truly a remarkable piece of work. It's even better that you had gun building it. :P
rickysp8 (author)  DarkOwlProductions1 year ago
Thanks for the kind words
You're welcome; you deserve them. :p
Fantastic job, Looks like something i would go sledding down a hill on! :) But really good woodworking fantastic skill and I will have to follow you`re channel!
hobbyman1 year ago
I liked it a lot. ;)
My vote is for you.
rickysp8 (author)  hobbyman1 year ago
Thank you
fzumrk1 year ago
Nice design!
Nice job, great alternative to the traditional horses ...
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Thanks Nancy
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Excellent job!!
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Thanks man