The finished product  =>>>>

Step 1: The Treats the Part They Love

i think my hamster likes apples but i cant tell he just eats everything

Step 2: My Hammy

He is so cute he is called "bouncer"

Step 3: Add Paper and Cut Tube

tissue to seel the tube in THEN YOU ARE DONE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =>
I dont get it.....<br />
I didn't know that you could create instructables on cell phones now.&nbsp; I&nbsp;mean, look at the writing in this.&nbsp; It must have been done on a cell phone, right?<br />
yup i dont have any other camera<br />
I was attacking your incredibly poor spelling and grammar, while trying to comply with the &quot;be nice&quot; policy, not your pictures.<br /> <br /> Your lack of use of any grammar or spelling rules makes your instructable unreadable.<br />
This could do with some tidying-up - e.g. the spelling, and some more information - what are the treats, how does Bouncer attack the cup to get at them?<br /> <br /> L<br />

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