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This is a very slow flying plane with a camera  for aerialphotography. It has a rogallo wing which makes it very stable in flight. all the materials are relitivly cheap and it can be built bigger or smaller depending on what you want to carry. it will stay up for about 20 min per battery charge. The frame is a mixture of carbon fiber and plywood.


rallekralle (author)2014-08-29

awesome, cant wait too see how to make it

rimar2000 (author)2013-10-28

Very interesting aircraft!

Kiteman (author)2012-05-11


We need to see two things, though:

> A proper step-by-step instructable on building it.

> Some of the shots it has taken.

benmurton (author)Kiteman2012-08-03

Thanks for your input i have now put up a video from it. I will try to make a step by step instructable.

Kiteman (author)benmurton2012-08-03

Excellent, I look forward to it.

rimar2000 (author)Kiteman2012-05-11

I agree totally.

Advice when done, please.

blobbosezhi2 (author)2012-05-11

I've been looking at options for a rig to do some aerial photography for a while now - what's the maximum payload weight it can hold?

It'd be ace if you could upload a guide for it, I'd love to see that. Nice one!

benmurton (author)blobbosezhi22012-08-03

At the moment it is carrying a 50g camera but if it is re powered it will carry over 100g. I can't really put up the plans because of copyright but i will put some full size patterns up for all the major parts

solomonhorses (author)2012-05-12

make a step by step on how to do this build, and enter it in the spy contest! That contest has yet to have a spy drone plane!

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