Create simple and lovely paper flowers for a unique {and inexpensive!} take on a wedding bouquet, centerpiece, boutineer and more. Using scrapbook paper, a glue gun and some florist wire, you can create these flowers.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
Here's what you'll need:
:: scrapbook paper
:: scissors
:: hot glue gun
:: floral wire

Step 2: Cut circle

Picture of cut circle
Cut a circle from paper. Starting at the outside edge, cut a spiral towards the center. Slightly scalloping the edges will create a more natural and imperfect looking blossom.

Step 3: Tightly coil

Picture of tightly coil
Beginning from the outside, tightly coil the paper, rolling towards the center.

Step 4: Release coil

Picture of release coil
Allow the paper coil to loosen to create a flower.

Step 5: Glue to secure

Picture of glue to secure
Add a bit of hot glue to the end of the coil to secure.

Step 6: Create a leaf

Picture of create a leaf
Cut a leaf shape out of scrapbook paper

Step 7: Fold leaf

Picture of fold leaf
Create an accordion-style fold in the center of the leaf and secure with hot glue.

Step 8: Add wire

Picture of add wire
Bend the end of a piece of floral wire and hot glue to the bottom of the flower and glue the bottom of the leaf to cover.

Step 9: Enjoy!

Picture of enjoy!