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Create simple and lovely paper flowers for a unique {and inexpensive!} take on a wedding bouquet, centerpiece, boutineer and more. Using scrapbook paper, a glue gun and some florist wire, you can create these flowers.


Dionard (author)2012-07-26

I made over 100 of these over the weekend! They are a delight to make and I've become quite addicted to them!

chakra (author)2011-07-15

ya.. i hate jumping from one site to another for getting stuff. make an Instructable.
trust me.. this is a winner!!

TabbyDeAnne (author)chakra2011-08-05

She has done just that! It's now called "rolled paper flowers" and is wonderful! Enjoy!

scoochmaroo (author)2011-07-19

I like that I can follow these instructions even without proper instructions! I'm definitely a visual learner, so this works really well for me. Lovely!

TabbyDeAnne (author)scoochmaroo2011-08-05

I agree with scoochmaroo! Great 'ible!

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