Picture of roofing escalator
Here is what I came up with to help everyone with the back breaking job of getting the shingles on the roof.
Before you start you must read and understand about your power tools. wear safety glasses . the project is powered by 110 volts this voltage can kill or severely injure so take precaution for your safety and others that are around you when you work.

I have been using a carvewright cnc to carve my dxf patterns out of wood its slow work .
I belong to a makers goup and I can expose a lot of people to a huricane laser cutter a lot of them want one and you never know how many of them will buy one.
as for me a laser would cut the wood at least 10 times faster and it would decrease the time it takes to make a 3d printer.
my wife would like to cut her cloth patterns out quickly and easely espesialy the fabric that frays a lot.
cut leather, cut conductive fabric, cut foam,and I can come up with many more uses but I have to keep it short.
I would like to try cutting an egg for my fabrige eggs. make wood or a metal rulers when I get in a pinch it would be a lot faster then going to the store and save a lot of time.I carve wood plaques with ukranian designs that I was giving away as gifts.
 it would be a breeze and finish one in no time instead of a week or so. Nohttp://youtu.be/q5FOIcd7nwgw to get the laser to paint it for me.
video  http://youtu.be/jWosC1Rj2Jo  http://youtu.be/GB5nVP1irjA  http://youtu.be/q5FOIcd7nwg

Step 1:

Picture of
Here's what you need
1) 1- 2x12x12ft or longer (depends on your roof)
2)  2-2x6x12ft
3) 1=2x4x2ft (for cross-members)
make a rectangle with 2x6 and 2x4s
then nail or screw it to the 2x12
grannyjones (author)  Uweara2 years ago
happy to hear it will work for you.
did you know it could be adjustable too.
and very cheap.
grannyjones (author)  sallyjohnson482 years ago
Your welcome. just happy to help.
fjr_scoot2 years ago
Brilliant idea!
grannyjones (author)  fjr_scoot2 years ago
thank you I need all the comments I can get even the ones that criticize me
I learn a lot from them.
rich28712 years ago
That is a AWESOME idea, it is so great to see other uses for everyday items we use.
grannyjones (author)  rich28712 years ago
not only everyday but discarded items that I re-purposed with a total cost of $0.
thank you for your comments. it means a lot to get feedback from people that
create from scratch. or any creative person I'm not picky.
This is a great idea, & the principle helps w/ something that I'm working on, it's allot smaller lol.
grannyjones (author)  sofiadragon19792 years ago
need any more ideas let me know
Will do.
chobbs19572 years ago
Great idea. I've dreamed of using a commercial winch for similar things, but now think a garage door opener might be better....
grannyjones (author)  chobbs19572 years ago
and a lot cheaper.
here is your excuse for replacing your garrage door opener and use your old one for your project. need any help get a hold of me and Ill see what I can do.
blkhawk2 years ago
I wish I could do something like this when I was working on my roof. Awesome idea!
grannyjones (author)  blkhawk2 years ago
thank you and I wish I did this a lot sooner to make it easier for you. please vote.
rimar20003 years ago
grannyjones (author)  rimar20002 years ago
thank you for saing so.I hope I can get your vote in the huricane contest.
kelseymh3 years ago
Most excellent project! I think you might want to consider putting a picture the whole completed conveyor, maybe with some shingles being lifted, as the main image. A giant floating head doesn't really give an impression of the project :-)
grannyjones (author)  kelseymh3 years ago
thank you for your most helpful comment,
I agree with you and have inserted a picture of my completed project for the title image.