Roooooolin Ball Sculpture


Introduction: Roooooolin Ball Sculpture

I am entering this in a youth contest. so far I have learned... -how to work with different materials productivly - how to have fun well making creative and usefull things -safty and responsibility is always first thanks so much for the votes! Keep them coming in!

Step 1:

get your self 8 to 10 gauge copper wire. make yourself a bace out of what ever you want (i chose copper pipes) also make sure you have some copper and good flux (helps sodder stick)

Step 2: Bending the Wire

bend the wire in half. where it is bent in half will be your start. get your marble and set on the wire see how far apart you will need the track to be.

Step 3: Useful Tips

always have braces about every 6 inches. At the end a swirl would be handy to help slow down the ball. Be creative and constantly tweak your track and test it. Use cable cutters to cut the wire for braces. HAVE FUN!



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    Well done. I'd like to see video of it in action.

    Tweak and test! Best advice EVER. (Second-best advice: for lots of wire-bending, use a jig of some kind.)

    This is a great idea. I particularly like your direction at the end to be creative and constantly tweak your track. Thanks for posting.