A versatile planter made from the same BPA free, phthalate free, food-grade silicone as rootcup. rootcupPLANTER doesn't grow mold or fungus and won't crack or sweat like ceramic planters, it wont scratch your furniture, windowsills or countertops.

Water can be added to the cup, to wick up into the roots, great for african violet, and other plants that enjoy being watered from the roots (sub-irrigation). Just add water to the cup and place the insert into the water, water will wick up into the soil encouraging deep thick roots.

When watering from the top, water can drain through the soil to be captured by the cup... great for cactus, succulents, orchids and other plants that like drainage.

Dishwasher safe, or boil in water to sterilize.

get rootcupPLANTER at www.rootcup.com, or make your own (see step 2)

Step 1: Pot a Plant in RootcupPLANTER

<p>Lol not a koozie</p>

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