Introduction: Rope Elevator

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How to make an elevator by using rope.I am not liable for any stupid thing you do like any injuries or even death.(you will probably die if you got a rope to weak and if you made it really high) .

first get rope. for length go and measure the hight you want it and multiply it by 4. for its strength you can by a rope that can with stand your weight or if you have rope i suggest making it and testing it.
this is my first instructable so tell me what you think

Step 1: Marking

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fold the rope in half an mark the middle.

Step 2: Marking Knot

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take the rope and lop it through your belt holes. make sure the middle of the rope in the back. wrap it around and cross the rope in the he front. mark it were it crosses

Step 3: 8 Knot and Reknot

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make an 8 knot and bring the knot down to the marks you just made then take hte othrre end of the rope and retie. this video should help

Step 4: Making It Work

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take the to lengths of rope and put them over a tree branch or something and pull on the rope.


jtpoutdoor (author)2009-05-29

You are relying on a few things here, the failiure of any one of which could kill you. Your arm strength with no back up if it fails (which it will sooner or later) A rather thin looking branch (bark girdled or not) A completely crappy and unsuitable peice of rope which has NO place in any climbing system. Your belt loops- your BELT loops- this is the truly unbelieveable part of the whole thing- you are prepared to stake your life (and the life of anyone else who follows your "instructions" on a few bits of cloth sewn on with cotton? WHEN these fail you will be hanging by your armpits from the rope (assuming it doesn't break under the shock) for as long as your arms can hang on (assuming you didn't let go with the shock). If you are stronger than you look - or if the rope gets caught on something- you will suffocate and die, probably in less than 20 minutes. Have a nice day

jester_5123 (author)jtpoutdoor2011-04-18

COMPLETELY AGREE. dont post stuff that will people killed.

leggomylegoeggo (author)2011-02-07

I have been using a system like this for multiple years now on the same branch with only a few differences. firstly, I use stronger rope. Secondly, instead of a figure 8 loop, I use a Portuguese bowline, Spanish bowline, or bowline on a bight. all three of these knots create a slightly better support system, as they all have two loops. Thirdly, to combat the arm strength problem mentioned by jtpoutdoor, I have a loop connecting the two sides of the rope (a prusik knot on each side so it can slide). finally, I have a foot loop to make it easier to ascend. if you look up tree climbing, you can find equipment and examples to do it correctly.

BatmanProject777 (author)2009-07-02

I'm very interested in your project ! I'm a climber also, and would love to go into much more detail, if you want to contact me, on youtube my page is BatmanProject777. Send me a message there and I can help you find very thorough info to do this the best way available !

crapflinger (author)2007-10-04

i would suggest NOT using this method very often on a tree that you'd like to keep alive...and i'd also suggest never using the same rope twice for it (and deffinitely DO NOT USE nylon rope for heaven's sake)...the friction across teh branch will be immense and you can seriously damage a tree this'll burn right through nylon rope doing this

akimbo m (author)crapflinger2007-10-04

Think about the TREES! PETTA People for the Ethical Treatment of Tree and Animals... "For all living things sentient or non-sentient"

twisted (author)akimbo m2007-10-04

PHSSSSSS!!!! LOL the tree will be fine. But, even if its not, its just a tree. PATH People Against Tree Huggers.

crapflinger (author)twisted2007-10-04

i'm not a tree hugger...but the attitude you're showing is why the forests on this planet are being's never "just a tree"'s some animal's home, it's shade, it's a CO2 scrubber, it prevents soil errosion....start thinking about things other than yourself for a day


there's a difference between a treehugger and someone who is actually smart enough to understand the importance of something. just because you are ignorant and never consider the consequences of your actions doesn't mean you have to let the whole world know it AND make us smart folks sorry to be labeled under the same species as you. 'Crapflinger' (hehe) is right, trees ARE that important. and 'i kill stuffs' that co2 comment was just stupid. why the hell would anyone be proud of contributing to global warming? think before you say something stupid, and if you have to do it, say it to your dog, cat, doll, or imaginary friend. dont say it here.

qwerty (author)blakdragon192009-02-07

Global warming doesn't exist. If it did why would the hole in the ozone be over Antartica? How many people do you know who drive on the freeway in Antartica?

blakdragon19 (author)qwerty2009-02-07

yeah because the hole in the ozone layer is definitely linked to global warming. oh wait. no, it isn't the hole in the ozone layer was the result of the overuse of refrigerants like CFCs. Global warming in no way has anything to do with the hole in the ozone layer (which is shrinking more every year, thankfully). the great thing about ignorant people is how fun it is to destroy their stupid little arguments with logic and knowledge. better luck next time chump.

qwerty (author)blakdragon192009-02-20

Alright, this chump you're talking to is in sixth grade and just finished the chapter on global warming. I waited to finish the chapter to reply to you. First, my facts were mixed up not my logic, the question still stands. How many people were spraying pesticides and other CFC's in Antartica? Also if you look at all the charts that relate to global warming ask yourself what the average temperature rise was for the past century. The dozen or so i found on the internet and my science book averaged into about 1.5 degrees celcius.

qwerty (author)qwerty2009-02-20

Not a lot. Also the earth is in a warming period after the ice age, so that 1.5 degrees sure sounds pretty normal. Another thing, do you live near a forest, at all? The reason i'm asking is that all your comments sound like tree huggin' comments. The forests i've lived near or have visited for an extended period of time showed signs of needing to be logged. The tree huggers in the area had prohibited the logging of the forests. This means the trees grow so close together that disease and parasites went through them like wildfire, so did the wildfires. All these great 'super fires' in california and other places are because the trees weren't logged. You need to get out more.

blakdragon19 (author)qwerty2009-02-20
have you seen this graph at all? 1.5 C is a lot for a century. also, that average doesn't show the sharp spike in temperature in the last few decades, as well as the big difference between this century's temperatures and last century's.
and as for me being a 'tree hugger' no forest NEEDS to be logged. forests were around long before people, and have developed evolutionary mechanisms for protecting against fire and disease. our logging has actually decreased the evolutionary pressures on the trees, making them less likely to survive a mass infection by parasite when it eventually happens. The 'superfires' in california are natures way of resolving overcrowding. we shouldn't try to control it to benefit ourselves, and its our own damn fault for living in wildfire zones anyway.

qwerty (author)blakdragon192009-02-22

You're graph shows an even smaller temperature rise than the ones that i saw. You still didn't answer my question if you lived near a forest. All forests need some form of population control, logging being the most constructive. There's evidence of forests being burned by native americans because they even knew that if the forests weren't controlled they'd eventually come to a worse fate than over crowding. And i'm not just thinking about the trees needing to be logged, animals benefit from it too. Think of a big bull elk walking through a forest with a good set of antlers, now imagine it trying to walk through an overcrowded forest that wasn't logged because of ignorant people like you. And keeping track of points seems like a childish and completely biased system. I'm just trying to educate you in areas you've obviously been misinformed.

blakdragon19 (author)qwerty2009-02-22

I live near a small patch of forest where no logging or burning takes place. Wind, rain, and seasons take care of overcrowding. And your definition of overcrowding is just ignorant. A bunch of trees can't grow all within a few feet of each other, that's ridiculous. Anyone with at least a grade school education would know that. Their roots would strangle each other and kill them all if a lack of nutrients in the soil didn't take care of that first, as it almost certainly would. Learn how plants live and grow instead of deciding on it yourself. And I'm only keeping score to show that I don't need some ignorant moron who thinks we can't have any impact on our earth trying to 'educate' me. Me: 3 You: 0

qwerty (author)blakdragon192009-02-27

Good for that forest, it's in the healthy stage. If it continues not to burn or be logged or have a fair amount of its population killed off in any other way then it should be unhealthily populated in about 15-20 years.

jtpoutdoor (author)qwerty2009-05-29

have you heard of the term "survival of the fittest? Natural forest, weak trees die off shaded out by strong trees, animals which do well in the local type of vegetation survive, others don't . Do you or your family happen to be involved in logging? You certainly seem to be passionate if ill informed about the subject.

jtpoutdoor (author)qwerty2009-05-29

Wildfire is a natural progression in the life of a forest- who do you think was logging the trees before man cam along on the scene?

blakdragon19 (author)qwerty2009-02-20

umm, research has definitively linked the CFC refrigerants to the hole in the ozone layer. the only evidence linking it to global warming is circumstantial, however. If you don't know what that means, look it up. and the fact that 5 years after reading the chapter on OZONE DEPLETION, I still know more about it than you do is really sad. a simple google search turned up this website, explaining in detail how ozone depletion and the ozone hole were formed. as for being able to read and understand any scientific knowledge above the third grade level, thats up to you, champ.
Me: 3 You: 0
Your move.

jtpoutdoor (author)qwerty2009-05-29

it's to do with the temperature over the poles -there is always a tin ozonze spot over antartica- recently it has got bigger due to the general depletion of the protective ozone layer caused by the use of OFCs which bond to the ozone and break it down- it has nothing to do with where people drive. The emission of CO2 from exhausts is what is heating up the atmosphere. I suggest you go away and read a book or two (or three or four)

i dont care about global warming i dont care about global warming and yes i dont care if i contributing to global warming "crapflinger"(hehehehehehehe im so smart)

Ramnosity (author)crapflinger2007-10-04

One little rope mark will not kill a tree. I have had a pulley attached to a tree branch used for something like this for 5 years and the tree and even the branch is still very much alive.

crapflinger (author)Ramnosity2007-10-04

you said the magic word! pulley! this idea doesn't use a pulley....they just loop the rope over a branch and pull.... of course doing this once won't kill the tree....but (like i said in the first reply)...if you CONTINUALLY use this method to climb the same tree from the same will cause damage to the tree also...even a small gap in the bark of a tree can allow parrasites and disease into the tree

8bit (author)crapflinger2008-10-14

I take it you don't get out into nature often. . . only trees that are already dying get killed by a nick in one of their limbs.

blakdragon19 (author)8bit2009-02-07

I take it you have no idea what you are talking about. why would a tree that is already dying require a nick in it to be killed? hmmmmmmmm. makes no sense when you THINK about it... the nick in the bark is what makes it start to die, not makes an already dying tree die.

8bit (author)blakdragon192009-02-07

A strong man falls and gets back up. A dying man falls and breaks his hip. This is my point.

blakdragon19 (author)8bit2009-02-08

well, technically, a nick in an already dying tree would conceivably kill it faster, but it isn't only previously sick trees that die from nicks in their bark. as crapflinger (hehe) said, it can infect the tree with parasites and disease that can kill it.

8bit (author)blakdragon192009-02-08

If you did organic gardening, you woul know that the plants that get parasites and diseases are the ones that aren't being cared for properly - that is to say they are not in the right soil, they need a larger place to grow, or need to be fed more. Something like that. A healthy plant is able to fend off parasites and disease.

qwerty (author)crapflinger2009-02-07

I'm going to go ahead and guess that you don't live anywhere near a forest, or if you do it's near a big city. I'm from a small town of a thousand and all the forests there are so thick that the deer and elk have a hard time moving in them, and it's all because some tree hugger decided the trees shouldn't be logged.

twenglish1 (author)crapflinger2008-08-06

what...tree hugger

somebodys a tree hugger

and i shot a co2 pistol and it lets out co2 so there tree hugger

twenglish1 (author)twisted2008-08-06

yah i wanna join to

i kill stuffs (author)twisted2007-11-26

can i join path?!?!?

pmac93 (author)akimbo m2008-07-25

PETA People for the Eating of Tasty Animals :D

qon duixote (author)2009-05-09

Besides the over apparent green argument on this instructable, I would recommend tying an alpine harness, attaching an anchored line to the tree and using prusik knots or ascenders. You are scaring me using what looks like hemp/sisal rope, I know I've done it when I was young, but I'd recommend at least doubled 1/2" for hemp/sisall, then most physically fit people can just climb the rope. Again is a good place to go if you are interested in this. Apparently people feel scarring a healthy tree that will outlive us all is more important than another human life. I practice low impact and leave no trace habits any time I leave the paved road, but I also value human life above that of other species. There isn't enough credit given to nature's ability to rebound. Beyond our human support system is an intricate and fierce battle for the right to exist and survive in the wilderness.

pikathebudgie1234 (author)2008-07-17

let me join path!also my swins and elevators wiil be posted on youtube and then you watch.(my user name is pikathebudgie1234)

jakezcop (author)2008-06-15

dude ur that lame u cant even climb a tree? but its still cool i'm probably gonna try this, and no i dont care about the trees we got plenty of em'.

Sun Gear (author)jakezcop2008-06-16

i can i made it to get to places that you cant climb to

themasterpyro (author)2007-11-06

use a rotten branch come on it then you can collect the insurance

dchall8 (author)2007-10-10

I think I'm going to agree and disagree with just about everyone.

First of all: SAFETY FIRST. I realize that safety is not a prerequisite for an Instructable, but in this case, GET A REAL ROPE FOR PETE'S SAKE.

Secondly: Yes it is not just a tree, but climbing trees with ropes is not normally a problem. Check out for more information about trees, climbing and ropes.

Sun Gear (author)2007-10-09

i had the rope lying around and i need to get pictures so i decided to use this one i used this instrucable to help work on a tree house and it was only temporary.

gmoon (author)2007-10-04

What is that, a 1/4 sisal rope?

I wouldn't trust my body to anything with a breaking strength less than ten times my weight. Why? You can easily generate a force several times your weight in a short (2 ft.) fall. It's the dynamic forces that will kill you.

Check this out: manila and sisal rope specs -- the working limit is 1/10 the breaking strength. Their words: Never exceed the Working Load Limit. Working Load Limit for 1/4 in. sisal: 48 lbs.

Re: crapfinger's points --

He's a climber, (as am I) and since we often use the same trees over and over again as climbing anchors, we treat trees with respect. A single tree (or limb) might be the only viable top-rope anchor so we would NEVER do this.

I've seen climbs that became 'unriggable' because the anchor tree died from abuse.

Do this often and you WILL 'girdle' the limb, and it WILL die. Do I care if you do this to your own tree? Naw.

But don't do at the crag or on public land, or things might get nasty. Not a threat, just a warning that when you destroy things that belong to everyone, prepare to face consequences...

qtm (author)2007-10-04

"for its strength you can by a rope that can with stand your weight or if you have rope i suggest making it and testing it." This is EXTREMELY dangerous. Simple physics says if you fall on the rope, you will generate forces several times your weight. If you weigh 100 lbs and just bounce lightly on the rope, you can easily put 400lbs of force on the rope. A certified climbing rope can hold in excess of 22KN, or 5000lbs of force. Do NOT try this with anything less than a real climbing rope. As CF says, this is extremely damaging to the tree, and damaging to the rope as well. Use the first rope to pull up block tackle with your climbing rope attached and haul up on the block tackle instead of over the branch. Do not just loop it around your waist; if your belt loops rip, the rope will slip up to your chest. This is extremely painful and can cause suffocation... that is if you don't let go of the rope and fall. If you don't have a climbing harness, then make yourself a "swiss seat" out of the rope. Don't just haul up with the rope, get a proper belay device, or use prussik. That way if you do slip, you're not going to fall and kill yourself.

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