Introduction: Rope Lamp

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This is simple tope rope lamp. Materials: rope, canvas, Wood Glue and glasa bowl.

Step 1: Wrap Canvas Over a Bowl. Add Glue.

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Wrap canvas over a bowl, tight ends with some wire from inside or duct tape. Apply Glue.. start wrapping rope. Leave a hole for lightbulb case.

Step 2: Finishing.. Drying..

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When done with rope tap excess Glue with fingers or some canvas. let it dry over night

Step 3: Drying Complete.. One More Step..

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Take out a Bowl. You will need some kind of knife not sharp one. Cut the rest od canvas. Add few more rounds od rope from inside. about 5mm or you like. Cut small hole for lightbulb. Add lightbulb housing and glue it with rope.

Step 4: All Done. Hang It.

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You need some electrical skills to connect power cable and you are done. Nice looking lamp is working.. It will take few days to glue smell vanish.


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craftclarity (author)2014-06-26

You should enter this in the Featured Author Contest! Nice work!

mostart (author)craftclarity2014-06-29

my place of living is not contestable :( but thanks

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