Rotate or Pivot Lcd Monitor





Introduction: Rotate or Pivot Lcd Monitor

This fixture is very usefull for rotate 90 degrees the monitor in order to see o read documents in in a portrait fashion, there are drivers for video card that support this modes, in my case i use it to read pdfs.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Wood, 4 pieces, (1 column, 1 base, 2 pivots)
lazy susan or turn base,
4 screws for the monitor
3 metal angles
12 wood screws


Step 2: Attach the Pivotal Base

fix the pivotal base to the wood, previously make the drills for the screws of the lcd monitor,

the secuence of assembly:

1. the base to the monitor
2. the turn base o r lazy susan to the base 1
3. the base 2 to the lazy susan
4. the column to the system

Step 3: Fix the Column

fix the base and column with screws and the 3 angles

Step 4: Put All Together

screw the column to the pivotal base,

Step 5: The Pivot in Action

the monitor rotates with the fixture..

Step 6: Close Up of the Bearing Lazy Susan

Some views of the lazy susan used



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    How has the lazy susan held up with the load of the monitor? Thanks.

    Five years has been working and supporting the lcd monitor

    I think this ring might be overkill. Do you really need something that's so complex? Why not simply use a door like hinge considering it really only needs to pivot 90 degrees? It would be stronger and less likely to break. I am not sure the best/cheapest way to fabricate the wall mount part with this design, though. Maybe someone else could come up with that design?

    Thanks for this guide! I did exactly this tonight and it took me very little time. I am loving having a portrait monitor next to my widescreen. =)

    There is any video driver to rotate the screen ?

    Windows XP also supports a rotated LCD monitor. All you need is to press a key combination before or after rotating the LCD.

    On Dells this is: CTRL+Alt+Arrow keys

    There's No Need For A Driver, Most LCD's Can Rotate The Picture On The Screen By Either Going Into The Control Panel, Or In My Case Hitting Alt+Down..etc

    I'm thinking of doing the same thing. My question to you is does the bearing you have rotate freely, or does it have stop points, so that it takes a little effort to turn? I'd hate that a jiggle to the table could make it turn a little.