Picture of rotate or pivot lcd monitor
This fixture is very usefull for rotate 90 degrees the monitor in order to see o read documents in in a portrait fashion, there are drivers for video card that support this modes, in my case i use it to read pdfs.
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of materials and tools
Wood, 4 pieces, (1 column, 1 base, 2 pivots)
lazy susan or turn base,
4 screws for the monitor
3 metal angles
12 wood screws


Step 2: Attach the pivotal base

Picture of attach the pivotal base
fix the pivotal base to the wood, previously make the drills for the screws of the lcd monitor,

the secuence of assembly:

1. the base to the monitor
2. the turn base o r lazy susan to the base 1
3. the base 2 to the lazy susan
4. the column to the system

Step 3: Fix the column

Picture of fix the  column
fix the base and column with screws and the 3 angles

Step 4: Put all together

Picture of put all together
screw the column to the pivotal base,

Step 5: The pivot in action

Picture of the pivot in action
the monitor rotates with the fixture..

Step 6: Close up of the bearing lazy susan

Picture of close up of the bearing lazy susan
Some views of the lazy susan used