Introduction: Rotor & Light With Brixo Proximity Brick

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Lego parts:

  • Base plate
  • 8x 2x4 bricks

Brixo components

  • Power brick
  • Motor
  • 13x 4x1 chrome bricks
  • 2x 2x2 chrome bricks
  • (optional) 2x2 light brick
  • proximity sensor + magnet brick

Put the power brick on a Lego™ baseplate.

Step 1: Making the Circuit

Picture of Making the Circuit

Put the (4x1) chrome bricks in a circuit like formation.

Make sure to include the proximity sensor somewhere on the way.

Step 2: Build a Base for the Motor

Picture of Build a Base for the Motor

Make two stacks of four (4x1) chrome bricks and place each one at a different edge of the circuit.

Make two stacks of regular 4x1 Lego™ bricks and place them - one between the Brixo stacks and one in front of the stacks. These should act as support for the motor.

Step 3: Close the Circuit

Picture of Close the Circuit

Put the motor in the middle-left part of the brick tower.

Put two (2x2) Brixo blocks to connect the two terminals of the motor with the circuit. Make sure the spring arms on the (2x2) blocks touch the motor leads.

Step 4: Operate the Motor & Light

Picture of Operate the Motor & Light

Use the Brixo magnetic brick to close the circuit - put it on top of the proximity switch (2x4).

The rotor should start rotating.

Optional -

Put a light brick (2x2) on top of the (2x2) Brixo blocks, in parallel with the motor.

See how it lights.



DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-07-26

Cool project. Thanks for sharing.

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