how to make milk look like rotton milk. april fools trick
what you will need

1.food coloring green or yellow
2. milk


Step 1:

1.get your food coloring

Step 2:

2.get your milk

Step 3:

3.put 2to3 drops of food coloring in the jug of milk and mix.
then make sure in the morning no body pores it out.
this is how my mom used to get me to drink milk when i was a kid. (i don't know, i just didn't like to drink it.) she would put a couple drops of whatever color was handy in my thermos before i went to school.<br><br>however, this also led to the first (that i can recall) schoolyard trauma. i dropped my thermos and it busted open and splashed green milk all across the floor... then the gasps of &quot;his milk's green!&quot; and &quot;he's drinking green milk!&quot;...<br><br><br>*sigh* good times.
You can also dilute a drop of food coloring (my choice would be yellow) in a small glass of milk and then add whatever of that to the carton makes for a convincing but subtle off color. That plus butter would be a serious turn-off.
rotten milk doesn't look green... this looks more like some kind of smoothie or flavored milk, not anything rotten. To make fake rotten milk, drop some lumps of butter and/or cottage cheese into milk. It won't spoil any of the ingredients, but it sure should turn some stomachs when they see it!
i know right bad milk curtles

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