Rotten Milk April Fools Trick


Introduction: Rotten Milk April Fools Trick

how to make milk look like rotton milk. april fools trick
what you will need coloring green or yellow
2. milk


Step 1:

1.get your food coloring

Step 2:

2.get your milk

Step 3:

3.put 2to3 drops of food coloring in the jug of milk and mix.
then make sure in the morning no body pores it out.



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    this is how my mom used to get me to drink milk when i was a kid. (i don't know, i just didn't like to drink it.) she would put a couple drops of whatever color was handy in my thermos before i went to school.

    however, this also led to the first (that i can recall) schoolyard trauma. i dropped my thermos and it busted open and splashed green milk all across the floor... then the gasps of "his milk's green!" and "he's drinking green milk!"...

    *sigh* good times.

    You can also dilute a drop of food coloring (my choice would be yellow) in a small glass of milk and then add whatever of that to the carton makes for a convincing but subtle off color. That plus butter would be a serious turn-off.

    rotten milk doesn't look green... this looks more like some kind of smoothie or flavored milk, not anything rotten. To make fake rotten milk, drop some lumps of butter and/or cottage cheese into milk. It won't spoil any of the ingredients, but it sure should turn some stomachs when they see it!

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    i know right bad milk curtles