"A greeting"

Hello,this is my first post.

This article has translated from Japanese to English.

Might be difficult to understand.

I'm writing it as easy to understand...

Please listen to google when you do not know.

Sorry I did not write basic method because longer.

If your first work, please look at the your country leather craft tutorial site.

I think surely new discoveries are waiting.

You are lucky that the first time was interested in leather craft :-)

Someday you can in this way. Please always enjoy.

"round zipper wallet with pattern" is using hand sewing and machine sewing.

and using a printer to print the pattern paper.

If you do not have a sewing machine, please made with hand sewing.

Please make a wooden If necessary.

This site's Japanese interface is hard to myself :-<

Let's challenge.

(Sorry, but it is a short sentence from the next page.)

Step 1: Pattern and Parts List

size notation / mm


PDF file to printing.

Please download from the web browser.

Note:Custom size at the time of printing.

■parts list

●zipper * 2

(500mm * 1 tape width 30mm)

(155mm * 1 tape width free)

Not determined.

●and see parts list PDF file.


plan A has 12 card pockets into wallet.

plan B has 8 card pockets and 2 long pockets into wallet.

If you do not have a leather skiving machine, inner parts thickness "1.2mm" → "0.8~1.0mm".

Step 2: Inner Parts Assembly 1~4


I am writing in Plan A.

(Plan B is write after Plan A)

Adhesive yellow line.

■see photo " inner parts 1 "

sewing like a photo after adhesive from edge of 3mm.

■see photo " inner parts 2 "

sewing like a photo after adhesive from edge of 3mm.

■see photo " inner parts 3 "

sewing like a photo after adhesive from edge of 3mm.(Plan A only)

coin case prepare the parts.

■see photo " inner parts 4 "

sewing at center like a photo.(Plan A only)

coin case prepare the water.

Step 3: Inner Parts Assembly PlanB

If you makes Plan A, see next page.

■see photo

Sew in the same way as plan A.

I was very tired in the editing :-c

Let's next.

Step 4: Inner Parts Assembly 5~10

■see photo " inner parts 5 "

water on the back like a photo.

and shaping.

■see photo " inner parts 6 "

adhesive like a photo.

■see photo " inner parts 7 "

sewing like a photo from edge of 4mm.

■see photo " inner parts 8 "

measure the width.


I want the width to 195mm.

■see photo " inner parts 9 "

Let in the bent 195mm.



bend one side 7.5mm large.

■see photo " inner parts 10 "

inner parts complete.

Step 5: Outer Parts Assembly 1~4

■see photo " outer parts 1 "

make a hand sewing hole from edge of 3mm.

■see photo " outer parts 2 "

zipper adhesive like a photo.

If you do not make a frame, be careful to line.

■see photo " outer parts 3 "


■see photo " outer parts 4 "


Step 6: All Parts Assembly 1~3

■see photo " all parts 1 "

inner parts + outer parts


■see photo " all parts 2 "

inner parts + outer parts

■see photo " all parts 3 "


Step 7: All Parts Assembly 4~6

■see photo " all parts 4 "

remake a hand sewing hole from edge of 3mm.

■see photo " all parts 5 "

hand sewing.

■see photo " all parts 6 "

hand sewing.

Step 8: Completion

<p>please,what is the material used as a frame?</p>
<p>Hi, can you post on how you sew the zippers on the outer part? thank you</p>
<p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/-3Uwf_qeOW8" width="500"></iframe>&quot; frameborder=&quot;0&quot; allowfullscreen&gt;</p><p>Happy new year.<br><br>Sorry to be late.<br><br>Have a nice year.</p>
<p>Hi. Yes can. </p><p>What may be the next month?</p>
<p>hi, </p><p>Didnt understand the last part of step 7. &quot;remake a hand sewing hole from edge of 3mm.&quot; how can i make a hole where there were holes made initially. it will perforate the leather. any advice on how to do this last step?</p>
<p>Thank you for trying it.</p><p>I tried to video.</p><p>please watch youtube.</p><p>Draw a line on both.</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/RosR2_PFHBI" width="500"></iframe></p><p>Did you want tips?</p><p>Please comment if I have different.</p>
<p>Super tutorial.</p>
<p>Thank you for trying it!!!<br>I hope it was easy to understand.<br>Your wallet is very well made.</p>
Beautiful piece!!<br>Can't wait to see what else you make in the future!!
Thank you for your comment.<br>Please be expected.
あなたは素晴らしいです!私はあなたのInstructablesが大好きです。あなたはより多くを行うことができますか? I can talk in English too!?
<p>Thank you. That of Posts? talk in English.</p>
Very impressive work! Thanks for sharing.
Not at all.<br>Thank you for your comment.
<p>Whoa, this is excellent! </p><p>You've got some real skill, and the final wallet is very impressive. Nicely done! </p>
Thank you for your comment.<br>I'm happy.<br>

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