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A simple rubber band gun i made for the kids out of a piece of 19mm pvc electrical pipe ,some wire and rubber bands.
It can also shoot multiple rubber bands at the same time.

Step 1:

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I started with a piece of pipe of 52cm ,but for more shooting power you could make it longer.
I made an extension piece which i can put on if i need more power.

Step 2:

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I made a bend at 40cm ,if you don't have a spring bender ,it is also possible by filling it with sand.
Or leave it straight and make a wooden handle and put that on.

Step 3:

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drill some  holes all the way through 3cm apart.
i made the holes 4mm.

Step 4:

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try to bend the wire like this and put it through the holes.

Step 5:

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now bend the other end like in the photo.
the 4mm hole in the top of the gun might need some enlarging.

Step 6:

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make the front of the gun look like this.
put on the rubber band for the trigger.
happy shooting.


mrknowit (author)2014-03-16

nice i made one like it good thinking!

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