in this instructable i will show you how to make a rubberband powered gun

Step 1: Materials

you will only need a pen and a rubberband ( the thicker the better)
( ur hands also come in handy)

Step 2: Step 1

take the ends of the pen and remove the ink tube

Step 3: Step 2

wrap the rubber band around the pen about 3-5 times depending on the length of the rubberband as shown below with half the rubber band still un wrapped

Step 4: Step 3 / Loading the Weapon

put the ink tube back in the pen as shown below , place the rubber band on the ink tube and pull back holding the rubberband with the ink now let go p.s. try not to hit ur little sisters ( yeah i know evan though they are a pain in the @$% / donkey
<p>Better us a ballon instead of rubber band to increase grip and power.</p>
omg! i shot this at school and the ink tube bursted open and splatered everywhere.
lol little sis thats haleriours anyway this gun is awesome I tryed it it was awesome until it broke.
haha, awzom!

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