this is one of the ornithopter that i made .its very easy to make it .all you need is
1.white glue
2. icecream sticks(nearly 10)
3. papers(tissue)
4. paper clips.
5.rubber bands,
6.craft knife
7.steel scale
8.a pair of scissors
it hardly took me 2 hours to meke it  to fly it ,thats how easy it is.

Step 1: Crank

the crank produces the flapping motion in the wings

Step 2: Conneing Links

these links connect the crank to the wing spars

Step 3: Wings

in the first pic u r seeing the rubber band catch and the tail and in the second u can see the main wing

Step 4: Construction

these pictures are selp explanatory and as yo go thru them you can easily get how they are made.

Step 5: Making-spar-frame

for making the spar you need to glue the wires from the paper clip as shown ,you may need pretty good amount of reinforcement here to make it durable

Step 6: Complete

once u completed it let the glue get dry then toss it after winding the rubber band through the crank
it flies opretty well ,but depends how u made it mine flew for nearly 15 m
awesome but it would be helpful if you explained it better <br>
Very good
Wow it's good but can you explain the steps better. <br>
dude this works but you should explain all the steps
thanks v much ,
Okay look you need to explain these steps more accurately! most people will not be able to make an ornithopter from this instructable!<br>
yep ,i too thaught that,i will keep that in my mind for my next instructable ,....thanks
Da-Vinci was pretty awesome...
You can say that again......
Da-Vinci was pretty awesome...
yep.. sure he was. <br>
Very nice and interesting. I suggest you the following, if it is possible:<br><br>1) A little video, flying (10 seconds or so)<br>2) Some explanation notes over each image. Example, I don't understand that little stick over the center of the wings. Consider I am not anglophone, as many other members/readers of Instructables.
thank you very much Rimar,i will take care of that from next time . and will try to post the video soon......by the way that little stick act as a stabaliser and here it doesn't let the wings to collapse togather while flipping upward .......i will soon post a more robust and simple design.
Thanks, aby05.
cool ,thanks for such an interactive approach,great work keep it up
thanks buddy

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