Rubber Band Sniper Gun


Introduction: Rubber Band Sniper Gun

nice and fast weapon.
he can shoot 10 rubber bands.
you can fast reloading.
he have a perfect scope.

enjoy your gun.

video go to this link

Step 1: Front

front of the gun

Step 2: Standard

on the front

Step 3: Middle

reloading and shoot

Step 4:

click it to getter.

Step 5: Tail

Step 6: Scope

Step 7: Click System


Step 8: Rubberbands



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    if i were the author i would make the instrux and materials MUCH clearer.

    Instructables is to teach others to do or build something, not to show off.

    Maybe you could post this thign on facebook if you really wanted that much attention.

    i made 1, it dident shoot properly, becase the thing that stops the bit that holds the rubberbands that u fire spinning round didn't stay where it was suposed to!

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

    best rubber band gun ever

    could u make the instructions better???????

    whats happening with the elastic band in the first pic????

    Awesome sniper. Can i use your bi pod for my sniper?

    lol, you got your gf to shoot this!