this the nerf spampede but made out of knex.the mag is removeible. the mag holds 8 to 10 shots...and besure to subscribe...
me4 XD
i have the actual stampeed
thats cool:}
post please
ok maby i will????
pretty kool =D
no prob
to your parents???
ok i have to print out a picture first
what do you mean to whistles loudly
yes but i have not made it...
ya i will be a challaging to build almost the same thing
it was the nerf long strike
wait 5 to 10 min for me to look it up ok
thats cool:)
mabey/ he is in my inbox
ya i got one from sourmian/ somthing close to that name
for a patch???
ya i looked it up but could not find it... i just got another subscriber/did you get any patches
i would have to look it up because i forgot the name...
well it is true
ya... but did you rate the gun because it went down???
i found a picture of line and then built it

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Bio: Hi i am a knexer that builds and post how to build guns and weapons. My specilty is guns and new amos.You can subsribe ... More »
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