Safety and Taser Out of a Disposable Camera





Introduction: Safety and Taser Out of a Disposable Camera

what you can't do when making a taser out of a disposable camera I would hope that you read this before making the taser so you don't have the same burn marks I do because the voltage on this is over 600 volts.
(FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY) *wink wink nudge nudge*

Step 1: Dischargeing

open up the sides by sticking your nail or a knife under the little side clips then open the camera and there should be a circuit board.!!!(WARNING)Before you touch anything make sure you use a metal object to discharge the capacitor (Capacitor):the big black tube on the back of the circuit board and touch the two cords that come from the capacitor.

Step 2: Not to Do

Never Ever touch the two cords that come out of the capacitor because you will get a big jolt from that not always the funnest thing to to actually make the taser you will need

Step 3: Now to Make

materials:two wires

now just wrap the wires around the wires coming from the capacitor on the bottom of the circuit board (WARNING)Dont let the wires from the capasitor touch or it will short circuit and if it short circuits you cant shock people with 1t

check out my video



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    It's capacitor leads-- NOT cords!!!!!! jeeezzzzzz!


    Not trying to be mean but, This is a stungun, not a taser. A taser shoots two metal darts with long thin wires attached to the gun. When the darts hit their target, oftenly a human, The circuit is complete and the person gets schocked. A stun gun you hold in your hand and use to scock someone.

    LMFAO!!! I thought the same thing.



    no a stun gun shoots two metal darts that is why its called a stun GUN!

    nope. sorry, but a taser shoots, a stun gun just shocks. Wikipedia can be very useful.


    'wiki can be vry useful' put...:P

    ok i am in ibiza and i bought 2 bb guns and a knife how would i get them past customs in manchester airport because i dont wanna be jailed for smuggling any tips??? (oh nd dont be a smart arse and sy dont buy them)