Introduction: Safety and Taser Out of a Disposable Camera

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what you can't do when making a taser out of a disposable camera I would hope that you read this before making the taser so you don't have the same burn marks I do because the voltage on this is over 600 volts.
(FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY) *wink wink nudge nudge*

Step 1: Dischargeing

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open up the sides by sticking your nail or a knife under the little side clips then open the camera and there should be a circuit board.!!!(WARNING)Before you touch anything make sure you use a metal object to discharge the capacitor (Capacitor):the big black tube on the back of the circuit board and touch the two cords that come from the capacitor.

Step 2: Not to Do

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Never Ever touch the two cords that come out of the capacitor because you will get a big jolt from that not always the funnest thing to to actually make the taser you will need

Step 3: Now to Make

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materials:two wires

now just wrap the wires around the wires coming from the capacitor on the bottom of the circuit board (WARNING)Dont let the wires from the capasitor touch or it will short circuit and if it short circuits you cant shock people with 1t

check out my video


toby7 (author)2016-04-08

It's capacitor leads-- NOT cords!!!!!! jeeezzzzzz!

temp (author)2008-09-07

Not trying to be mean but, This is a stungun, not a taser. A taser shoots two metal darts with long thin wires attached to the gun. When the darts hit their target, oftenly a human, The circuit is complete and the person gets schocked. A stun gun you hold in your hand and use to scock someone.

struckbyanarrow (author)temp2009-04-25

i wanna scock someone!

KenH31 (author)struckbyanarrow2015-10-28

LMFAO!!! I thought the same thing.

temp (author)struckbyanarrow2009-04-26


zeph4x (author)temp2009-03-24

no a stun gun shoots two metal darts that is why its called a stun GUN!

newtons_eple (author)zeph4x2009-04-03

nope. sorry, but a taser shoots, a stun gun just shocks. Wikipedia can be very useful.

ATG (author)newtons_eple2009-08-08

'wiki can be vry useful' put...:P

macca4life (author)2008-08-20

ok i am in ibiza and i bought 2 bb guns and a knife how would i get them past customs in manchester airport because i dont wanna be jailed for smuggling any tips??? (oh nd dont be a smart arse and sy dont buy them)

yeolddingdong (author)macca4life2012-04-29

manchester nh ?

spenfisher12 (author)macca4life2010-08-27

buy a gun lock from gander mtn usualy that will get a gun thru the knife put it in a sheeth then in a suit case or something then it should get thru

jvaneerden (author)macca4life2009-05-20

dont buy them

ATG (author)jvaneerden2009-08-08


goeon (author)macca4life2008-10-27

i just kept my knife wraped it tee shirts but the bb gun i dont know......

welder guy (author)2011-07-20


cut ONE of the capacitors leads, then try the Taser! You get a CONTINUOUS VOLTAGE 3X THE ORIGINAL VALUE!

Normal voltage: 300 volts DC
After cutting out the cap: near 1000 Volts DC

And you get a continuous voltage, meaning as long as you can hold the button, you can shock someone. No more waiting to charge up. They only downfall, is now there is no spark, but it still hurts, ALOT!

Try it, seriously guys!

amoulinet (author)2011-06-13

FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY) WTH?? Aha, Well ,W.e. Im still Making one

benny101 (author)2007-11-02

i love these things

jtobako (author)benny1012007-11-03

Do yourself a favor-get hit with a real taser then try to call this a 'taser'. It's like calling a cap pistol a firearm because they both make an explosive noise.

benny101 (author)jtobako2007-11-04

well at least this is really really strong and doesnt kill you.

jtobako (author)benny1012007-11-06

It's not really strong and it could get you killed. A taser is a weapon. You expect it to work. If you get into trouble, and expect this to work AS A TASER, it won't-it will just piss off whoever got hit without slowing them down. You were in trouble before you resorted to this and now the trouble just got worse. A taser has certain safeguards (like insurance if someone gets hurt). This has none of them. Any damage-such as burns, scars or nerve damage-is 100 percent YOUR FAULT.

pacbury (author)jtobako2008-03-29

you are right, these hurt, but ive been shocked before and its nowhere near enough to kill you.
*sigh* when is there ever going to be a stop to all the tazer instructables theres about ten of them.

ATG (author)pacbury2009-08-08

a wise man once said....'volts harm,amps kill'.....this has vry low amps....get shocked all u want....u aint gonna die....

jtobako (author)ATG2009-08-09

If you expect this to work like a tazer, and use it as such in an emergency, it isn't going to work. Now your antagonist is even MORE pissed at you and not as likely to stop... Or do you think that this zapper is going to make the bully smile and become your friend?

ATG (author)jtobako2009-08-10

nah mate....this is for educational purposes only r'ber? somethin to mess arnd with frnds....nt exactly equivalent to the ones cops use on ppl lol...

jtobako (author)ATG2009-08-11

Then don't call it a taser, which specifically IS what cops use.

ATG (author)jtobako2009-08-12

ah...didnt wanna go can be really helpful sometimes....'A Taser is an electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles.' since the jolt from this thng above can cause involuntary muscle is a taser in my opinion....also....if u really wanna play a cop...increase the input voltage...and u'll get the taser as per ur definition.....

jtobako (author)ATG2009-08-14

So rubbing my feet on the carpet and shocking my cat makes me a taser!!!! Sweet!!!!

ATG (author)jtobako2009-08-15

'electroshock' doesnt mean 'static electricity' is really helpful if u hv doubts abt something....hope u get urs cleared.....

jtobako (author)ATG2009-08-16

So the multi-million volt mechanical static electricity generators used in physics experiments don't count as 'electroshock'....or the vandergraph generators which pull 6" sparks from static electricity...or the wiemherst generators that can do the same... This DOES NOT have the current or voltage capability to be considered a weapon or a taser. I have zapped myself with them and the jolt is no worse than a big spark from a camp fire. Tell you what, you look up on You-Tube what happens when someone is hit by a taser and then you can try to argue that this causes voluntary muscle disruption. Don't bother answering unless you can provide the link ; )

ATG (author)jtobako2009-08-16

hmm.....whatever happened to the 'be nice' policy.....neways....if u wanna call van de graf generator as tazer, be my guest lol......try nt replyin to this...cos i sure aint gonna continue this conversation.....

skok (author)pacbury2008-07-10

I've never seen a TASER inst before; only "shocking devices". . .

killa696 (author)jtobako2008-08-13

why did you come and read this just to insult the person who made it?

jtobako (author)killa6962008-08-13

I was hoping for real information. No such luck.

SnyperAirsoft (author)2009-07-15

Yea you better read his comments cause when I was prying it apart for a poor-mans flashbang/ surprise gun it left a pretty small burn mark but painful one.

macca4life (author)2008-02-18

thanks for the info now im off to shock ramdom ppl in the public

killa696 (author)macca4life2008-08-13

walk in an extremely busy place holding it out

macca4life (author)killa6962008-08-17

lol ill throw it at them

Thelonelysandwitch (author)2008-08-14

I have been hit with a cheap 100,000 volt taser and shocked my self with one of these. There is a pretty big difference.

im not sure exacctly but i think these are 55,000 volts

I didn't test it

bamaken1166 (author)2008-07-08

(Circuit diagram)

Each different manufacturer uses a slightly different circuit design. However you should be able to identify the same components: resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc in each circuit. You should also be able to identify the three stages of each circuit.

1. The first stage of the circuit operates when the charging button is pressed. It boosts the voltage of the 1.5 volt battery to a high voltage. A capacitor and inductor (coil) form an oscillator. The oscillator is fed into a transistor amplifier to boost the current, part of the boosted current is fed back into the oscillator, then the current passes into a transformer where the voltage is increased to a high, AC, voltage.

2. A diode followed by the capacitor of stage 2 then turns the AC into a high DC voltage, HV, over 300 volts. A neon lamp glows when the voltage HV exceeds 80 volts. The large capacitor discharges through the xenon flash tube when the flash is triggered by stage 3.

3. A switch is closed by the shutter which puts a voltage step, HV, across a transformer. The transformer boosts this voltage pulse to over ten thousand volts, VHV. A wire brings this VHV voltage to a place close to the flash tube. The very high voltage ionizes the gas in the flash tube, making it a conductor. The high voltage from the capacitor then drives a current through the flash tube heating the gas and causing it to give off a flash of light.

computergeek2000 (author)2008-06-12

cool taser

Aqlor (author)2008-05-09

"...marks I do because the voltage on this is over 600 volts." 600v? maybe not.And it should be a better taser if its voltage is higher than 300/330

nf119 (author)2008-02-11

Hazards are present in the step(s) or the product(s) of this instructable. For your legal safety and the safety of others please include the following: 1) A clear warning of the high voltage hazard 2) A clear warning of the medical dangers Note: I believe that it is extremely dangerous for you to leave the capacitor in the circuit. The flash capacitor are made to rapidly release their charge and the amperage they can output + their voltage rating have a extremely high possibility of causing heart failure as well as many other harms. The device will still produce quite a continuous shock from the charging terminals if used without the capacitor.

FunkNattidelic (author)2007-11-08

Hey Ben its me luc. yo "jtobako" get a life! it takes at least 0.5 amps to stop the human heart. this only has 0.01 amps. ya it makes people angry but at least it gives enough time to run away. this couldnt even injure some one unless you zapped them on a nerve and thier arm convulsed and hit something.

TheCheese9921 (author)2007-11-03

good god am I sick of these

lebowski (author)TheCheese99212007-11-03

Be nice.

benny101 (author)lebowski2007-11-04


TheCheese9921 (author)benny1012007-11-05


TheCheese9921 (author)lebowski2007-11-04

Ok, but there already is one on this and no offense but this is the same just not as good. I would understand if it was an improvement. But never mind its ok.

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