Salt Lick for Deer Hunting





Introduction: Salt Lick for Deer Hunting

this instructable will show you how to make a salt lick to attract deer.

Step 1: Stuff Needed

1. burlap sack
2. box of rock salt
3. some sort of rope or string

Step 2: Preperation

pour the whole box of rock salt in the burlapsack

Step 3: Hang

choose a place to hang the bag. ex) in a tree near a tree stand and or blind. ( hang above deer's heads)

Step 4: Pour Water Over the Sack

this is optoinal. you could pour water on it now or wait until it rains. that way when the water runs through the salt it will make the ground salty.

Step 5: Thanks for Reading

this was my first ible' feedback would be great.

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    14 Discussions

    i hope to get a big buck this year and do this it would be amazing

    I have no problem with putting out salt and food for deer. However, I do not feel it is ethical to bait them this way for hunting purposes. We have hunted in my family for decades, and I have lost count of the number of deer I have processed in my kitchen. My comments are not based on opposition to hunting, but on the need to hunt with your intelligence and skill, not with bait (or spotlighting - another illegal pracctice) which is unfair to the animals. Just one person's opinion. Thank you.

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    I do something similar to this but instead of rock salt I use 3 parts regular white livestock salt to 1 part brown sugar and one part mineral salt. I don't hang it in a bag... but it seems like that would save me time so I will try it.

    Did you ever have any luck with pictures on your trail cam?

    Don't mind negative's legal in many states. I love to hunt, hope to see more hunting ibles from ya.

    thanks for the warning

    even if it isn't it provides meat for my family

    We just dig a small hole, pour salt in it, and let nature run. You can get 50lb blocks of salt from livestock feed supply houses for about what a big box of rock salt costs and they last way longer.

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    we were gonna do that but we already had the bag and salt

    I will post pictures from a trail can at the salt lick next week